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Guatemalan Cinta/Tokoyal Hair Wrapping

September 15 2017 at 12:19 PM

EriChanHime  (Login Eri-Chan)

Hi, all! Long time, no post. I withdrew from the internet in mourning when Photobucket stopped doing the only thing it was good for.

That said, I recently participated in my work's Cultural Diversity Day, and I had the opportunity to wear my grandmother's traditional Mayan clothing from her home in Guatemala (probably from back in the 40-50's?). I've worn pieces of it before, but this is the first time I've put the entire outfit together, and I decided that meant it deserved a traditional hair style. Enter the "tokoyal" or "cinta," a thin woven strap between 4-6 feet (there are definitely more variations that exist, as these head wraps vary by region/village among the Mayan population, but this is the style I chose to replicate). Since I'm still having trouble posting pictures, I am including a link to a style tutorial from an online cooperative that contracts work from fair-trade Guatemalan artisans.

A traditional, but fancied up, tocoyal/cinta ribbon:

A styling tutorial on Guatemalan hair wrapping:

It's always fascinating to me to see culturally distinct, yet reminiscent styles; this one reminds me of Italian hair taping, but with more pizazz. happy.gif

I loved wearing my hair this way SO MUCH that I have ordered another vintage ribbon from Guatemala from Etsy, and plan to make a few of my own using card weaving (a skill I will be learning over the next couple months, I HOPE!). Traditionally these are made on a backstrap loom, which more traditional techniques, but I don't have that kind of time in my life. wink.gif This hairstyle does an amazing job of holding my fine, slippery hair with no pins needed, as well as distributing weight very evenly. It held perfectly all day, and gave no discomfort.

When I get another photo-hosting service to cooperate with me, I'll put up the pictures of me and my hair!
(^u^)v La!

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