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YouTube Video showing the steps

September 15 2017 at 2:40 PM

EriChanHime  (Login Eri-Chan)

Response to Guatemalan Cinta/Tokoyal Hair Wrapping

I also thought this video was wonderfully clear, especially about setting up the ponytail, which is explained a little oddly in the text article. happy.gif
(^u^)v La!

2003, Basically Bra-strap-->2010, 41"-->2014, Past Knee-length-->2016, True Waist
1bNii-->2aNii (a more natural hair regimen and a shorter length have brought out everything from waves to spiral curls, depending on the humidity; my hair has a mind of its own every single day)
Natural light brown w/ auburn & gold highlights-->Natural light & medium brown mix w/ copper & bronze highlights

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