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Newbie here

June 3 2012 at 12:48 PM
Sheri McCaskil  (Login Sherbo80)

Hello everyone. I'm not totally sure I belong here since I don't think my hair is very long or will ever be. But I am trying. I would really love some advice from others with fine thin straight hair. Maybe that's my problem?
I guess my length is about 3 inches till BSL and it is 1bFi. I have been lurking a little and while haven't seen any other posters with hair like mine.
I think I have always taken pretty god care of my hair. I never blow-dry or heat style. I do live in a pretty dry environment. And i dye sometimes, but am thinking of switching to henna. I use Kiss My Face mistreated shampoo, because I find it's gentle and I like the way it smells, and condition with Panteen extra moisture for 5 mins or more about every other day.
This is the longest my hair has ever been and I've tried a few times. Is it what you would call "terminal"? Is there hope for me? Thanks in advance!

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(Login ohtawen)

Hello Sheri!

June 3 2012, 4:33 PM 

I wish you a warm welcome, and invite you to join us on the main board. We mostly hang out there, so it's good to make an introductory post there. Please, banish those lowering thoughts about your hair from your mind. If you are starting your long hair journey, there's no better place than here to begin it, in the company of like-minded people. The most important thing is your passion for long hair and determination to attain your goal. Since you've mentioned your lurking, I can conclude that you already know what kind of loving and caring community we have here. So don't hesitate to join us on the main board happy.gif

I don't have fine hair, but our other fine-haired gals can give you much more advice than me. It's great that you avoid heat. You don't have to be at terminal length, even id your ends are wispy. It can just be a matter of breakage, or it can be simply the matter of your hair stalling at a certain length. Just don't give into despair!



Hair type: 2b/M/C/iii
Current length: classic
Primary goal: thickening the ends

Hair journal:

- NW/SO on the scalp, with periodical length
washes (Alverde birke-salbei shampoo for the length)
- brushing, scritching, preening and massaging daily
- occasional S&D trims
- trimming the ends whenever they start looking funny

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(Login redheadrapunzel)


June 21 2012, 1:36 PM 

Glad to say that I am a newbie here as well and I have to say that you will find nothing but warmth and welcome and all the support and advice you could ever need to become a Rapunzel with the most gorgeous hair you can possibly have!! I have found any question or even just a call for aid is answered promptly and with such genuine care and feeling that I truly feel as I have come home!
Happy growing Sheri!

1aFiii auburn (natural)
41 1/2"/42"/?

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(Login mermaidtresses1133)


September 29 2012, 10:30 PM 

a warm welcome to both of you and best of luck in your long hair journey:) horray for no heat-= I have seen a huge difference in my hair since I ditched the styling tools in 2011:)


9/3- 30 inches
Long term goal: Classic Length

Moroccan Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque
Aubrey Organics Nustyle detangler and shine booster
Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil, jojoba oil with rosemary EO and 100% Argan Oil on ends
Deep conditioning with virgin coconut oil
Pureed Fresh Avocado as a hair mask every month (leave on for 30 min.)
Biotin and Prenatal vitamins
daily scalp massages
MP rake comb, BB brush before bed
(still a proud nursing mama!)

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