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No Pins Bun w/Photos

June 20 2012 at 11:33 PM

Joni  (Login redheadrapunzel)

Here is my "No Pins Bun" (as my brother calls it) with photo instructions. It is easy and gives our length a "break" from pins, barrets, and the like. Please let me know how it works for you. I Love this site.

Step 1: Gather hair into a pony (low, med, high)
[linked image]

Step 2: Twist
[linked image]

Step 3: Wrap as if making a regular "cinnamon bun"
[linked image]

Step 4: Pull length through center of bun (here you length comes into play.)
If it is short pull through completely, if really long (mine is 44+) loop and leave a bit of ends
out of the bottom bun curl
[linked image]

Step 5: Wrap rest of length (or looped length) around again
[linked image]

Step 6: Push through the center to "lock" length in bun
[linked image]

Step 7: Finished bun should be snug but full (depending on thickness etc) it may take a bit of
practice but once you get the hang of it this will become a "quick do" for work, or swimming,
showering, or even sleep.
[linked image]

Hope this helps and thanks for your patience as I learned how to do this new thing.

Happy growing fellow Rapunzels!

1aFiii auburn (natural)
41 1/2"/42"/?

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(Login lacemitts)

Great Bun

June 21 2012, 10:32 AM 

And how to in photos. Thank-you!

April 2012
October 2011
[linked image]
August 2011
[linked image]

Hair: All natural dark brown and silver.
Washing: Once or twice a week. Condition from ears on down. Cold as I can stand it final rinse. Shampoo/Conditioner:Aubrey's Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo and Conditioner. Nature's Gate Organics Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner.
Wide tooth comb.
Kind Regards,

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(Login redheadrapunzel)

The pictures...

June 21 2012, 1:33 PM 

... were my brother's idea too (go big Jer) lol... He said you may as well just do it if you are gonna try to do it Punz (short for Rapunzel) I had to agree. Now that I have help I plan to share more stuff on this wonderful sight!!

1aFiii auburn (natural)
41 1/2"/42"/?

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(Login emerald.kitten)


June 26 2012, 5:48 PM 

Thanks for sharing a great pictorial.

[linked image]
My hair journal:
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Shea Butter Creamy Souffle as pre-wash conditioner. Wash 1-2 times a week. Wide tooth wood & bakelite combs. TT on wet hair. BBB 20-30 strokes daily. Braid before bed and oil ends.

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(Login edarla42)

I can't see the pictures.

September 14 2012, 8:08 AM 

I can't see the pictures... How come? sad.gif

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