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Styles that use hairsticks?

July 3 2013 at 1:10 PM
LittleShadow  (Login LittleShadowHair)

Hey all! I'm absolutely falling in love with Fox's hairsticks. Unfortunately, I don't really know how to use hairsticks, though I'd like to! I've tried a few times in the past, with little success. The direction reversing hair scoop thing seems to elude me. Sometimes it even hurts, or feels like I'm ripping hair out! sad.gif

So, with that in mind, I though I would ask all of you for your help, tips and opinios! I've discovered the Chinese bun, and love it! Are there any other styles that are anchored with a hairstick, or that use a hairstick (or sticks), but rely on something other than that the hair grab with stick move? Or do any of you have advice for using hairsticks without hurting myself?

~Little Shadow

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(Login lilacsfornana)

Hairstick Styles

July 4 2013, 10:34 PM 

My go-to quick style is a Nautilus bun held with a single horizontal hair stick (or pencil or crochet hook). The stick is placed after the bun is formed, but is simply placed though a loop of hair; no need to worry about reversing direction. There are numerous tutorials on youtube you can learn from.

As for the 'direction reversing hair scoop thing', I think you are pulling the style too tight or are trying to scoop too much hair. If you are putting a hairstick in and it starts to hurt, something is too tight. Try loosening the bun or try scooping less hair. I never scoop more than a half inch of hair or so from the bun sometimes a lot less.

Choosing a different spot to put the hairstick may also help. A horizontal stick may pull too much but a vertical or diagonal stick may not. I have found that with different buns I need to insert my sticks at different points.

You can also try putting a hairstick in without reversing direction. As you push it through the bun weave the point toward the scalp to pick up some scalp hair to anchor the stick and then angle the point back up when exiting the bun. This technique works better with some buns than it does with others, so try a few to see what works best with your hair.



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(Login ohtawen)

Re: Styles that use hairsticks?

July 8 2013, 7:01 AM 

I see what you mean, Little Shadow. It takes time to perfect securing a bun with sticks. It took me a while to learn it, too. However, during my time with hair toys, I learned a few tips and tricks. They work for me, but I hope they will work for you as well.

In my case, the cinnamon bun is the trickiest to secure with straight stick. I have to get the tension just right, otherwise the bun will fall apart, or be dreadfully tight. That's why I prefer Ketylos when it comes to cinnamon bun-type buns. The corkscrew design locks the bun in place, as loose as it may be.

But straight sticks are great for buns that are either knotted in some way or a portion of the hair acts as a hair slide. (I'm not explaining that well, but I shall provide examples.)

I would suggest you check out these videos. Perhaps you have seen them, but it's good to revise now and then wink.gif The examples of knotty buns:


And examples of hair slide buns:


All of these buns can be secured with straight sticks, and you don't need that weaving motion to do that. Hope this helps happy.gif



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