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Re: pakistan's hope

April 19 2012 at 5:54 PM

Coalde  (Login cwc.mgmt)

Response to pakistan's hope

"RE: oh dear another example of an idiot;s post on sad deluded baboon reflecting his monkey upbring...."

I couldn't think of a better description on 99.99% of your posts here on WAFF, Prado.

"and that was like decades ago and he admitted it!...lol and it has no relevance"

Of course he also hasn't said he has stopped...

"do anything to get elected? ...."

He is media whore willing to change his morals for less than you pay for a cup of coffee. It is so blatantly obvious to anyone with half a brain only an idiot wouldn't see it...oh wait that explains a lot about why you consider him sincere. Actually it is sort of fitting Imran Khan is running to be the President of Pakistan, a nation that whores itself and it's citizenry out the world everyday, Pakistan will soon have a President who is even a cheaper and more promiscuous whore than the nation of Pakistan itself. No doubt he will be an inspiration to millions upon millions of Pakistani youth to grow up to whore themselves to the highest bidder and have no moral compass whatsoever.

"you do Musharaf offered him PM's post?? second to him and he refused?...OPPS didnt know that?.... chee chee."

Do you have a source regarding Imran Khan being offered the PM role that is somewhat more credible than your own delusions?

"PS Bush supported Musharaf tick and thin for years you think he cared!!.... jezz what the fcuck are you a permament retard?????..."

Apparently you are illiterate as well as an idiot, as in my last post I provided evidence that the Bush administration was pushing Musharraf to hold elections, I am sorry your parents so neglected your education that they only taught you to write and speak and not read or listen....

"you candian? so i am australian........ so tell naaa which turd world shiit hole you came from?"

So if you are an Australian, why are you interfering in domestic Pakistani politics? That would be doing the exact same thing that you (incorrectly) fault the USA for doing....that would make you a hypocrite.

"Candian immgration form has only 2 question..."

Yet again Prado you are factually incorrect (that is three posts in a row, where your only statement of fact has been incorrect)...


(I think it comes out to about 60 questions, as a assessment of your chances of your application being approved and under what category. You then have to go through the actual application process, which depending on where you apply from, will take a few weeks to a little over a month.)

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"Come out from man foul spirit.
What is thy name?"
And he said unto him,
"Our name is legion, for we are many."
Gospel of Mark, 5 - 8
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Patriotism is your conviction
that your country is
superior to all others because
you were born in it.
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