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Re: pakistan's hope

April 26 2012 at 8:46 PM

Coalde  (Login cwc.mgmt)

Response to pakistan's hope

:why I left australia? ....after getting a passport why would i stay there?....."

So what you are saying is that Pakistani's are held in such low regard globally that even your fellow Muslims won't let them in...thereby forcing you to clean Aussie toilets for several years prior to moving into the pinacle of human excrement removal in the Arab states? Well kudo's to you for sticking to your goal of wanting to reach the big leagues of urinal scrubbing.

However Prado I believe you are mistaken, as I have proven many times in this thread alone if you wish to find the pinnacle of disgusting and foul excrement flowing from a human being, one only needs to find the closest Pakistani...although unlike other homo saipiens the excrement from Pakistani's mostly flows out their mouths and not their other end as you so aptly prove with every post.


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