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Chinese Hackers Hit Hong Kong Civil Referendum Site

March 24 2012 at 2:31 PM

Coalde  (Login cwc.mgmt)

Hmmmm, I am sure that the Communist Party of China wouldn't stoop to such tactics to ensure they can continue to brainwash people, hopefully next year they can get 18% of Hong Kong residents to "feel" like they are Chinese citizens...
Written by
Jon Martindale 23 March, 2012

Disabled democracy test poll

he owner of a Hong Kong University website, Robert Chung, has said that his poll to see which leader people would vote for if they were allowed to do so democratically, has been attacked - resulting in the disablement of the poll.

The two main candidates in Hong Kong's upcoming election have had their reputations smeared by various scandals in the media, adding to the frustration that the public is unable to vote for either or neither of them. The Hong Kong chief executive position is chosen by a group of 1,200 known as the election commission, filled with - as The Guardian puts it - Beijing loyalists.
...the remainder of the story can be found at Cyberwar Central.

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