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Indonesian man sentenced to 30 months in prison for making athiest comments on Facebook

June 16 2012 at 5:29 PM

WAFFer  (Login Serkan999)
The Conquerors (Turkey)


Alexander Aan was charged with "inciting religious hatred" that led to his own beating
Given that the phenomenon of Facebook and social media are relatively new, it's somewhat excusable for courts of law to be unsure how to proceed with regard to matters involving human interaction on the site. That said, there are few supporting an Indonesian court's latest act: A 30-year-old man was sentenced to 30 months of prison and a $10,600 fine for posting pro-atheist and anti-Islam comments on Facebook.
Alexander Aan was charged with posting cartoons of the prophet Mohammed to an atheist Facebook group and for making statements including, "If God exists, then why do bad things happen?" The comments Aan made wound up inciting an angry mob to seek him out and severely beat him. Aan was arrested by police for his own protection.
Since then, Aan has been charged and convincted of "disseminating information aimed at inciting religious hatred or hostility." Amnesty International is calling for Aan's release, branding his conviction "a serious setback for freedom of expression in Indonesia, and [a violation of] Indonesia's obligations under international law."
This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

Dat troll

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(Login Serkan999)
The Conquerors (Turkey)

Re: Indonesian man sentenced to 30 months in prison for making athiest comments on Facebook

June 16 2012, 5:31 PM 

[linked image]

Indonesia Strong!

Dat troll

(Login nb1300)
Middle Kingdom (China)

Re: Indonesian man sentenced to 30 months in prison for making athiest comments on Facebook

June 18 2012, 5:53 PM 

are those big knives for chopping people for not agreeing with their wacko religion?



(Login Serkan999)
The Conquerors (Turkey)

Re: Indonesian man sentenced to 30 months in prison for making athiest comments on Facebook

June 22 2012, 11:43 PM 


[linked image]

uyghur strong! Very nice scenery!

[linked image]

Dat troll

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(Login PradoTLC)
Shaheens (Pakistan)

Re: Indonesian man sentenced to 30 months in prison for making athiest comments on Facebook

June 24 2012, 1:43 PM 

@to all athiest losers

If God exists, then why do bad things happen?"

REASON: Allah has us free in this world as trial period, He has revealed the right way of life to live to death and there also exist the way of the devil. i.e. rape, murder, gambling, alohol, interest, adultry, lying, cheating, expliotation etc all the bad deeds... done mostly by infidels and non practicing muslims

on this sentence, clearly muslims need go back to the teachings of the prophet (PBUH) to understand how to respond to such statement, and imprisionment nor punishment is prescribe instead we are to transmit a clear message only. The incident at Taif is one clear example.

Pakistan Airforce: The largest distributor of Indian airforce parts in Asia happy.gif

[linked image]

Pathankot Strike
8 F-86Fs of No 19 Squadron led by Squadron Leader Sajjad Haider struck Pathankot airfield. With carefully positioned dives and selecting each individual aircraft in their protected pens for their strafing attacks, the strike elements completed a textbook operation against Pathankot. Wing Commander M G Tawab, flying one of the two Sabres as tied escorts overhead, counted 14 wrecks burning on the airfield. Among the aircraft destroyed on the ground were nearly all of the IAFs Soviet-supplied Mig-21s till then received, none of which were seen again during the War.



(Login cwc.mgmt)

Re: Indonesian man sentenced to 30 months in prison for making athiest comments on Facebook

June 24 2012, 3:29 PM 

Why criminals believe in heaven: People who trust in redemption more likely to break the law than those who think there's a hell

Research in the US finds higher crime rates in nations where most people believe in punishment in the afterlife. Study examined data from more than 140,000 people in 67 countries

By Rob Preece

PUBLISHED: 21:19 GMT, 23 June 2012 | UPDATED: 01:15 GMT, 24 June 2012

Crime rates are higher in countries where more people believe in heaven than in hell, researchers have found.

The finding emerged from a study into 26 years of data involving more than 140,000 people from almost 70 nations.

The results suggest that people are more likely to feel they can get away with criminal behaviour if they don't believe they could be punished in the afterlife.

Academics discovered that offences such as murders, robberies and rapes were more common in societies where punishment forms an important part of people's religious beliefs.

This means a country where more people think there is a heaven than a hell, for example, is likely to see more offences than a nation where beliefs are more equally shared.

The study, which appears in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS ONE, is the work of two US-based professors - Azim Shariff, from the University of Oregon, and Mijke Rhemtulla, of the University of Kansas.

They looked for references to hell, heaven and God in surveys that were conducted between 1981 and 2007 with 143,197 participants based in 67 countries.

The pair then compared the data to average crime rates in those countries based on homicides, robberies, rapes, kidnappings, assaults, thefts, car crime, drug offences, burglaries and human trafficking.

'Rates of belief in heaven and hell had significant, unique, and opposing effects on crime rates,' they found in the study.

'Belief in hell predicted lower crime rates...whereas belief in heaven predicted higher crime rates.'

Prof Shariff, professor of psychology and director of the University of Oregon's Culture and Morality Lab, said: 'The key finding is that, controlling for each other, a nation's rate of belief in hell predicts lower crime rates, but the nation's rate of belief in heaven predicts higher crime rates,and these are strong effects.

'I think it's an important clue about the differential effects of supernatural punishment and supernatural benevolence.

'The finding is consistent with controlled research we've done in the lab, but here shows a powerful "real world" effect on something that really affects people - crime.'

Last year, in the International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, Prof Shariff reported that undergraduate students were more likely to cheat when they believe in a forgiving God than a punishing God.

Religious belief generally has been viewed as 'a monolithic construct', he added.

Faith: The study's findings suggest that people who don't believe they could be punished in the afterlife feel they can get away with behaving unethically

'Once you split religion into different constructs, you begin to see different relationships.

'In this study, we found two differences that go in opposite directions.

'If you look at overall religious belief, these separate directions are washed out and you don't see anything. There's no hint of a relationship.'

The professor added: 'Supernatural punishment across nations seems to predict lower crime rates.

'At this stage, we can only speculate about mechanisms, but it's possible that people who don't believe in the possibility of punishment in the afterlife feel like they can get away with unethical behavior.

'There is less of a divine deterrent.'

In 2003, researchers at Harvard University found that economic performance was better in developed countries where people believed in hell more than they did in heaven.

Read more:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2163771/Why-criminals-believe-heaven-Study-finds-crime-rates-vary-according-religious-beliefs.html#ixzz1yil8FtNh



(Login pancasila)
Shaheens (Pakistan)

Re: Indonesian man sentenced to 30 months in prison for making athiest comments on Facebook

July 4 2012, 9:41 AM 

he sentenced to jail because he insulted Islam,not because his atheism

'if he had brain and keeped his atheism for him self he will be fine though and none cared about it


[linked image] [linked image]

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