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movies that made legend-must watch movies

July 9 2012 at 3:32 PM

MAO TSE TUNG  (Login jat_sikh)
Satyameva Jayate (India)

1...Yamla Jatt--1960
2...Jatti     --1961
3...Main Jatti Punjab Di---1964
4...Jatt Punjabi --1979
5...Jatt  ---1980
6...Putt Jattan De  --1981
7...Jatt Da Gandasa --1982
8...Jatt Soormey    --1983
9...Yaari Jatt Di   --1984
10..Vairi-Jatt      --1985
11..Maula Jatt      --1988
12..Jatt Soormey    --1988
13..Jatt Te Zameen  --1989
14..Anakh Jattan Di --1990
15..Hukumat Jatt Di --1990
16..Qurbani Jatt Di --1990
17..Jatt Da Gandasa --1991
18..Taakre Jattan De --1991
19..Jatt Jiona Maurh --1991
20..Jorr Jatt Da      -1991
21..Badla Jatti Da   --1991
22..Jid Jattan Di    --1993
23..Jatt Sucha Singh Surma--1993
24..Jora Jatt---1993





holy crap i am tired lol smilies1684.gif  ,it gets even worse after 1993.
during my school days even i was annoyed and said to myself .WTF, why every 2nd movie has to be named jatt.

things havent changed even now. they are maybe getting worse.
jatt movies have penitrated even bollywood now. with jatt yamala pagla deewana.
and now this latest  one is going housefull for many days at an end. its breaking all previous records.


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(Login PradoTLC)
Shaheens (Pakistan)

Re: movies that made legend-must watch movies

July 11 2012, 3:55 AM 

towel head movies?

Pakistan Airforce: The largest distributor of Indian airforce parts in Asia happy.gif

[linked image]

Pathankot Strike
8 F-86Fs of No 19 Squadron led by Squadron Leader Sajjad Haider struck Pathankot airfield. With carefully positioned dives and selecting each individual aircraft in their protected pens for their strafing attacks, the strike elements completed a textbook operation against Pathankot. Wing Commander M G Tawab, flying one of the two Sabres as tied escorts overhead, counted 14 wrecks burning on the airfield. Among the aircraft destroyed on the ground were nearly all of the IAFs Soviet-supplied Mig-21s till then received, none of which were seen again during the War.



(Login jat_sikh)
Satyameva Jayate (India)

Re: movies that made legend-must watch movies

July 11 2012, 5:37 AM 

prado tell that to pakjabi jats in majority in pakjab there.
and see them gang rape u.
most of those movies are based on folklore, which is common in both religons.
like mirza or maula or tana , nobody knows there religon but they do know they were jats from punjab.
u kashmiries have no folklore good enough ,so troll.


(Login jat_sikh)
Satyameva Jayate (India)

Re: movies that made legend-must watch movies

July 11 2012, 6:11 AM 

new version of punjabi folk.

older true version.

(Login AntiTerror13)
ANZACs (Australia/New Zealand)


July 14 2012, 8:54 AM 

Movies for brainless people and starving people .. like indians

normal people wouldn't like to watch that rubbish, even if they were paid happy.gif

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