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I (Mike) will now admin this subforum..

November 24 2010 at 6:57 PM
Mike  (Premier Login Faz1)

coalde is no longer admin of this subforum..all Ip's that were blocked are now unblocked.

I may decide on another admin at some point but for the time being, I will be in a more active role..as always please be respectful toward the moderators who volunteer their time and effort..I will review and evaluate the current staff and decide whether anymore changes are needed..

Please work out any matters you have with warnings or bans with the Moderator responsible...only after this has not worked may you e-mail an Administrator for questions about bans or warnings...

World's Armed Forces Forum MikePapa1, Administrator, ASIA & PACIFIC and HISTORY & POLITICS
Element7, Administrator, MAIN FORUM and THE DEN
Coalde, Administrator, GREECE & TURKEY and EUROPE & MIDDLE-EAST

Do not e-mail the forum owner about bans...the final determination on bans rests with the administrators.
World's Armed Forces Forum

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(Login schlawa)

Re: I (Mike) will now admin this subforum..

November 24 2010, 7:11 PM 


Heil to the King ^^


[linked image][linked image][linked image]

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