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Peace plan for Cyprus

April 23 2012 at 11:13 PM
TuAF35LightningII  (Login TuAF35LightningII)

[linked image]

Here's my proposal:

1) The UK will close the Dhekelia base and cede it to the Greek Cypriots (while retaining the Akrotiri base.)

2) The Turkish Cypriots will cede northern Nicosia to the Greek Cypriots (the concept of a "divided city" is both ugly and potentially troublesome.) Turkish Cypriots will also cede Varosha to the south of Magosa (Famagusta); in return, the Greek Cypriots will cede equal amounts of land that will connect Erenköy with the Turkish Cypriot Canton (there are monumental graves of Turkish soldiers there.)

3) Girne (Kyrenia) will become the capital of the Turkish Cypriot Canton at north.

4) In national elections, all Cypriots (Greek and Turkish) can vote for whoever they want. But in local municipal elections, a Greek Cypriot living in Girne at north must vote for the Mayor of his/her registered hometown at south (at the Greek Cypriot Canton.) Likewise, a Turkish Cypriot living in Limassol must vote for the Mayor of his/her registered hometown at north (at the Turkish Cypriot Canton.) Other than this, all Cypriot citizens will be free to live and work in whichever part of the island they want (e.g. a Greek Cypriot can live, work and study in Girne, while a Turkish Cypriot can do the same in Limassol.)

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(Login TuAF35LightningII)

Re: Peace plan for Cyprus

April 23 2012, 11:52 PM 

The vast majority of Dhekelia should be ceded to the Greek Cypriot Canton, while the small parts that are "extending northwards" near Magosa (Famagusta) and TRNC should be ceded to the Turkish Cypriot Canton:

[linked image]

(Login Nikephoros)
Eagle Squadron (US)

Re: Peace plan for Cyprus

April 24 2012, 1:46 AM 

North Koreans of the region(holders of the vile Turkish identity) must be brought to heel. There will never be peace with Mahometanism in this world.

Even if you guys conquered the whole world, which is beyond your capabilities you would turn to internal fratricide.

[linked image]
Why is vaseline in my sig? Because Turks don't want to read what I post. Hopefully the lube makes it easier for those criminal scum who are such great cry-babies to swallow.

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