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toni on dj mo's show!!!

December 25 2006 at 12:55 AM
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has anyone here listened to the whole program?

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bad ang mga reactions for toni ... mahaba-haba to ha...

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January 6 2007, 7:36 AM 

eto lang ang comments na nabasa ko, kawawa naman si toni... sana di na lang siya nag-guest...

AUDIENCE reaction, most boring guest si Antoinette Taus sa 40 Forbidden Question ni DJ Mo Twister.

While tuluy-tuloy pa rin ang mga celebrities na nagi-guest sa napakakontrobersiyal na radio show ni Mo sa 89.9, obviously after the series of scandals na nagawa ng ibang guests, nagpaka-safe na ang mga susunod sa kanila and this is so obvious kay Toni na guest yesterday ni Mo.

Nabura na ni Toni ang record ni Jericho Rosales na least number of questions answered. Kung si Echo ay naka-19 lang noon, si Toni, 15 question pa lang tap out na.

Walang nasagot si Toni na kasulat-sulat, mas may asim pa nga ang side comments ni Mo kina Ate Cristy Fermin and Jobert Sucaldito. Nag-react lang ang kaibigan at manunulat na si NM sa sagot ni Toni na nakailang boyfriend na siya at sinagot niya, isa pa lang, si Dingdong Dantes nga. NM remembered na may American boyfriend si Toni sa US noon. Napakarami ring nag-react sa sagot ni Toni if she is a virgin, yes daw.

Nag tap out na si Toni sa susunod na tanong about Dingdong’s dingdong.

eto yung transcription....

Firstly, i would say Antoinette Taus guesting last wednesday proved to be hohum, she should be better off not doing showbiz and should think of going back to the States. Ok, that was mean, but sobrang inarte mga sinabi and she can't even tell the truth.

Here are the transcript to her guesting in DJ Mo's Good Times Radio Show. On the 40 Forbidden Questions, she managed only to answer 15. And she doesn't want to answer if she is still a virgin or not, ok probably that was inappropriate to answer too but since she agreed to be in DJ Mo's controversial show, she should have been prepared to answer anything...ayan tuloy, parang karir nya, wala lang...

1. Worst thing done to a fan?...None consciously
2. Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend? ...No but almost
3. Craziest thing done when drunk? ...cut hair
4. How far have you gone to check if he was cheating...looked in his cellphone
5. Girl crush? ...Christina Garcia
6. Bad encounter with a local celeb?...Fight on set with Kim delos Santos and Sunshine Dizon
7. Least fave on that show? ...Kim De Los Santos
8. Read 5th message in cellphone inbox ... from Donita Rose
9. Rate Dingdong Dantes as a kisser ...10 (highest)
10. Best Kisser?... at that time, Dingdong
11. Are you a better a singer than Mojo (radio co-host of Mo) ...
12. Have you watched a porn film?...yes, last june
13. Dingdong Dantes needs to stop doing____ and start doing ____
... too much acting and start directing
14. Name a celeb who kept hitting on you? ... Gabby Eigenmann
15. Who woould you like to go out with?... Aga Muhlach
16. Virgin or not virgin?... tapped out...(your guess is as good as mine!)


Antoinette scores 14 out of 40 in "Forbidden Questions"

Candice Lim | Thursday, December 21, 2006
"I called the girl!" exclaims Antoinette Taus on the question "How far have you gone to find out if Dingdong was cheating?"
Photo: Bahaghari

Antoinette Taus scored the lowest among all of DJ Mo Twister's celebrity guests—answering only 14 out of 40 "Forbidden Questions." She tapped out on the 15th question without hesitation.

"Number 15," starts DJ Mo. "I'm going to encourage you to keep going though. You should beat Cass Ponti [who got 17 points]... Antoinette Taus, virgin or non-virgin?"

The 25-year-old actress pauses a minute.

"That's so bad," she finally says. "These are questions you shouldn't even entertain as a woman...This is something that I've always said that I won't even entertain as a woman. A question like this doesn't deserve an answer."

DJ Mo agrees: "It's damn if you do, damn if you don't."

Antoinette is ready to tap out.

"Sorry," shrieks Dingdong Dantes's ex-girlfriend. "Whenever I hear or read articles about people asking celebrities this question, I always say to myself ‘Why even answer?' Don't answer. Period. It's something that you don't answer."

DJ Mo teases, "You'd be the first one not to answer that question."

Antoinette taps out.

It has been five years since Antoinette was last seen in the local showbiz. She has been living in the U.S. and has been trying her luck in Hollywood.

During her hiatus, rumors have surfaced that the real reason for her showbiz exodus is her alleged pregnancy—naming ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes as the supposed father. Antoinette has denied this hullabaloo.

Offhand, her non-confirmation whether she is or isn't a virgin will just revive old issues on whether she did or didn't have a baby.

Some notable questions she did answer are:

Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend? "No. I've only had one boyfriend [Dingdong Dantes]. No, I didn't... He did!"

Rate Dingdong as a kisser. "He's a 10."

Who's the guy that courted you for a long time but you didn't say ‘yes' to? "Well, there's only one because all those years I was with... There would be random whatever whatever but... Okay, Gabby Eigenmann. I met him when I was in first year high school. This was way before I met Dingdong and for a few years [he did court me]. I was young. I wasn't ready yet. And now I'm super duper close to him and his loved one."

Before Antoinette went to the States, she was a regular co-host of SOP, the Sunday musical variety program of GMA-7. Also part of the show are Dingdong and Karylle, who replaced Antoinette in the young actor's heart.

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Re: bad ang mga reactions for toni ... mahaba-haba to ha...

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January 6 2007, 11:00 AM 

I was able to listen to Toni's guesting on DJ Mo's program at maraming mali sa transcripts na yan. Alam niyo, a day before Toni's guesting, sinabi ni DJ Mo na magpapakawholesome sila kaya siguro kinuha nila si Toni as guest at mga 15 questions lang daw ang itatanong nila. Saka may warning na si DJ MO from KBP at that time kaya siguro nagpaka-tame muna sila.

Que sagutin o hindi ni Toni yung question about virginity, expected na may hindi magandang sasabihin ang tao. Basta ako bilib kay Toni, pinakita pa rin niya kung gaano siya ka-smart.

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Re: bad ang mga reactions for toni ... mahaba-haba to ha...

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January 8 2007, 9:13 PM 

thess i hope you can tell us which is which, alin ang tama at alin ang hindi sa transcriptions na ipinost ko.

i just actually read that on the net -- i typed antoinette taus at yan ang mga popular searches na lumabas.

i wish i could listen to that program but being a thousand miles away from home kept me from doing so. (nagpapakabuhay na bayani ako dito sa italia, hehehe)

i just posted that for the benefit of the many TONInians who wanted to know what happened. I cut and pasted it.

so it would be great if you could share it to us. (the real deal)

i love toni so much and i will be forever behind every career moves she makes. syempre lalo na sa personal aspect ng buhay niya. I know she is wise and had been through a lot kaya naman i always trust her judgement.


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June 18 2007, 12:59 AM 

hi candida!!and 2 ol the fans of toni...lyk u fan din poh me ni toni kmi ng ate ko...nrinig ko rin nga ung interview k toni s utube pero d kumple2...well khit nong sbhin nila k toni d mgbbgo pgtingin ko s knya..nsa pinas p lng kmi idol n nmin xa..ngng fan nya me since i was 12 yrs old and still now i really lyk her a lot!walang kwenta c dingdong 4 toni,bgay cla ng k n un...ngsama ang mga walang kwentang artista..hope im welcome hir!god blez uz ol!

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