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Cancellation causes controversy

November 7 2006 at 9:59 AM
Matt Zaza  (no login)

Rumble in the Rox 4 cancellation causes controversy to run rampant
By Matt Zaza
PGH PRO Webmaster

Last week PGH PRO Wrestling announced that the Rumble in the Rox 4 had been cancelled. Sources have said that the PGH PRO Board of Directors put the blame squarely on Commissioner Rusty Stevens.

Commissioner Stevens responded to this blame by stripping Powerhouse Hughes of the PGH PRO title and crowning himself champ.

“The entire board of directors can go eat cake!” Stevens replied. “I did the best I could with what I was given. PGH PRO or PPW or whatever was a joke to begin with, that is why I had no other choice to work with CWF. They want to make me the patsy? Well fine, I was going to get fired anyway so at least I got a title reign out of it. Who has the last laugh now, jerks?”

The Board of Directors immediately held a press conference in response to Stevens’ actions.

“We checked the by-laws, and unfortunately he did have the power to do what he did. We have stripped him of the title and fired him. We have also returned the title to its rightful owner: Powerhouse Hughes,” said board member Raphael Melendez.

“This never happened when Raelane was commissioner,” added board member Shana O’Hara.

At least one board member feels that hiring Stevens was a mistake in the first place.

“Rusty Stevens was always a mark for himself, and he proved it by naming himself champ,” said board member Craig McConnell.

It is still not known how Stevens got his hands on the championship belt.

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Benny Vento
(no login)

Hold the Phone

November 14 2006, 4:20 PM 

"Ex-"Commissioner Rusty Stevens had every right to pull the belt from Powerhouse Hughes. The title wasn't defended in a timely fashion. (What is it now, 19 months.) Therefore, it is up to the discretion of the Commissioner to remove said champion from the title spot and to name a champion or put on a match to name a champion. Since a Title Show could not be held in quick fashion, he named a new champion. That was his right and that was his duty to PPW. What lame organization doesn't understand that. Hey everybody, let's name a champion that doesn't do anything.

Does the PPW really have an office or are they working out of the basement of somebodys Mom's house? I can hear it now, "Honey, could you move your wrestling stuff? Mommy needs to fold your clean underwear."

The cancellation may or MAY NOT have been his doing. As I stated in a previous post, Raelane fell into a scheduled event and didn't screw it up. Pregnancy and a new child kept her from her duties to put on the next show. Stevens stepped in and pulled one together. Raelane couldn't let that happen. A second show without any of her input would completely undermine her desire to wrest control of the PPW and put in her own borad members. Although, Shana seems to have already infiltrated the board.

I know for a fact, Stevens does all his own calls. He is a one-man dynamo when it comes to scheduling an event. I have done a little investigating and found out that it was a woman, who cancelled the site and a woman to cancel 3 of the scheduled wrestlers. One, who asked not to be named, said he distinctly heard a small baby crying in the background.

My friends, I can do the math and this one and one certainly comes up to two, with Raelane's fingerprints all over it.

May Stevens find better working conditions in the CWF. Just let me know where to send the flowers for PPW.

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Rusty Stevens
(no login)

Re: Hold the Phone

November 20 2006, 1:41 PM 

Sir, you make me stand up and applaud! It is good to know that not every wrestling fan is a ingnorant hick (I'm looking at you Ronnie)! The cancellation of the RitR4 was not my fault. It was the fault of the Board of Directors, who refused to allow the spending of the proper amount of money needed to support something like this (you get what you pay for you cheap dorks). So, I turned towards "co-promoting" the event with CWF. Somebody didn't like my proactive strategy and sabotaged the event. I have my suspicions who, but will remain silent to avoid a lawsuit. Anywho, I bent over backward to get the RitR4 to happen, so I was not going to take the blame for it being cancelled. I had to do what I needed to do. Done and done.

Former PGH PRO Champion Rusty Stevens

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Benny Vento
(no login)

Re: Hold the Phone

December 6 2006, 2:39 PM 

It's good to see you not letting them get you down. Knowing the type of person you are, I know that you'll not only survive, but thrive. PPW and their holdings should be listed on E-Bay any day now.

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