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Good to hear.

April 9 2012 at 3:03 PM
Paul B.  (Login Paul_B.)

Response to Another Update (Yeast + Pinhole Phimosis)

Jim feels - quite correctly - that most people who come to visit the site (which will mostly be via the main index page) are unlikely to delve deeper than the first index page (now of thirty threads) and of course your original posting is now on the fourth page back - over ninety "threads" ago. This system orders based on the first posting to a thread, rather than the last as do some others, so requiring you to start a new thread for "fresh" information does make sense and you can refer by link to the previous.

I was originally alarmed by a degree of phimosis which actually affected peeing. Many people at this point (particularly children) would be very promptly "groomed" for circumcision if this was reported to a doctor. Clearly proper treatment is effective even at this degree, but requires diligence and a modicum of skill. It would even be equally effective for a child but of course, the practicalities would be more tricky and require a very motivated parent. (Actually, it is likely that for a child, it would often be quite sufficient to remove the cause of the problem by ceasing the use of "bubble bath"!)

Clearly you have mastered the skill of insertion of your bespoke "medical" dilators and the technique is virtually identical for getting a finger inside. As you progress, you can refashion the dilator to resemble the "flesh tunnel" with an opening through which you can pee without removing it and you will custom-craft it for maximum comfort.

You are winning!

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   well donejonathanApr 10, 2012, 4:57 PM

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