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Very tight phimosis stretching methods

April 9 2012 at 4:40 PM
Jonathan  (Login jonnykent)

Hi Jim et al.
wonderful web site, that I've been coming back to for some years.

I'm 44, and my phimosis has progressed over 25 years or so, till I have a very very small opening.

I have a healthy heterosexual sex life, but find that pressure pulling on my foreskin is actually uncomfortable, and results in very slight tearing (i.e. the skin tears on the surface for a fraction of a millimetre-- under a high power magnifying glass, it's only the very surface that breaks, but enough to expose the nerves I suppose underneath: no blood or anything), around the tip of my penis, which then takes from a few days to a fortnight to heal, rather than any useful stretching.

Ironically when my opening is at its smallest, this effect seems most pronounced (as in its got worse as my phimosis has advanced: for simple mechanical reasons).

I decided a few (maybe 5?) years ago to do something about this, and read your fantastic web site, after lots of head scratching and googling.

I have had 4 or 5 attempts at stretching now, each time lasting quite some months (the longest nearly 6 I think), brought to an end by painful surface tearing, with long pauses in between waiting for everything to become "sturdy" and the resolve to gather to have another go!

I use Eumovate (Clobetasone) cream as being non prescription in the UK. I found "mastabation like" stretching to be useless, and after much thinking and experimentation (e.g. with 2 commercial devices a glansie: useless, and a ballon like device, again useless, for different mechanical reasons), settled upon some DIY tools.

There is absoultley no way I can insert fingers, so tools are my opnly possibility.

In particular, I made myself a set of "plugs" I supose you could call them: by taking a cotton bud (the sort one would use for cleaning ones' ears), and wrapping PTFE tape around the end. By using a vernier caliper, I can judge the size at the thickest, and have a whole set now in in increasing diameter, about .3 mm increase per tool. The end of each one tapers to nothing over the last perhaps 3--5 mm, so that as inserted, it is somewhat conelinke, and pushes the foreskin apart as it works its way in.

The smallest are 5mm or so diameter, and the cotton bud un wrapped is about 3mm or so.

When I start a "stretching program", getting the 3mm cotton bud in is a real struggle and takes quite a few days. (In fact where I am now again sad.gif )

In time however, by using the cream to lube it, and gentle twisting persuation, I can get each in in turn, and on successive days, I always work back up to whatever size i'm currently on, in my 10 min morning, or 10 min evening session, as there always seems to be elastic "bounce back" from day to day.

It seems to take a week to go up .6mm or so, but each time I've done this: first time I got to about 10mm then... a tear on the inside of my foreskin near the tip: not "massive" in the sense of blood gushing or anything, but: painful esp when urinating for instance, leading to a "pause" and me feeling i should leave it alone: but... 2 weeks + later, things of course had contracted again, and on recommencing stretching, the tear opened up... so more delay...

6 months later, I started again.. same again i think 10mm max, on the second "programme"

Next time round I managed to get to 15mm which did feel an amazing acievement: I could just get my little finger in. Wow !!! although eventually I would need proabbly 30mm i think, before my foreskin would retract.

then.. Tears again. Bugger.

So.. some months went by... (you get the picture)

Anyway, I'm back to stage 1 again, and it's frustrating, how to stretch slowly enough and not create this self induced problem which seems to get me back to step one every time. It takes ages to get the stretching up, yet my body seems to take no time in retracting back down to the smallest again. the asymtery in time seems so perverse.

I'm thinking I'd do better using some kind of (DIY) tool that applies very gentle, but continual stretch, and I bought a series of "flesh tunnels" for ears from ebay for instance, but I found as they have no compliance, they were pretty useless: they either wouldn't go in, or if they did, they created no tension at all. They also weren't a nice shape, with quite "sharp" ridges, which if tightly fitting clearly cut in--altogether not good.

I'm wondering if one might be able to do something with for instance... a sequence of latex dumbbells ? (but no idea how to source such a thing), of a series of sizes, or maybe even a suitably fashioned piece of sponge material .. (though the friction I think would be too high...).. any suggestions ?

I do wonder how on earth to avoid this tearing thing: and indeed, when it does happen, whether i should leave things well alone, or continue to stretch at the same size. I think I could grit my teeth, but if it prevents the tear from healing: bugger me ! or indeed if it makes it worse (which seems likely -- after all the skin locally then has lost some integrity)... then this would be totally counter productive. Thinking how long a cut say on ones knuckle takes to heal, this feels like it could be very painful for a very very long time, which I do not relish.

I'm certainly being careful, and as gentle as I can be, whilst still stretching, and indeed the reason I fashioned my set of ptfe wrapped cotton buds was so I could avoid "excessive" stretch, given their size controls the max stretch on each insertion, and also having a set of them, as opposed to increasing the amount of tape wrapped around one, meaning each time, I could work back up to the current largest, rather than assuming I could definitely get it in. I had read of people suggesting you just added a bit more tape as you go. I don't think this is the way to do it, unless perhaps with a permanently inserted device, but I can't see how to do that, as having 3 inches of stick poking out, feels about as dangerous as running whilst having a lollipop in one's mouth !

Any one else gone through a similar sequence ? And any advice ? I appreciate I've touched on lots of issues such as technicque, tools (esp ones one can leave permanently inserted for long term gentle stretching)...?

Any helpful advice/ thoughts.. ? I'm getting somewhat worn down and frustrated, although certain I want to stretch my Foreskin and not have it lopped off.

I feel I have to resolve this, as sadly when tight, this slight surface tearing happens anyway, stretching apart, leading to regular discomfort: which I would really like to get away from.


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