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The way to start.

April 11 2012 at 3:53 AM
Paul B.  (Login Paul_B.)

Response to respsonse to questions

Firstly let me point out that you indeed can read the post to which you are replying; you simply have to click on the link which specifies the topic of that post in the composition page.

Of course, I actually type (nearly) all my replies in the composition window of an email program which has spell checking incorporated, permitting me to jump back and forth to the whole discussion page, correct mistakes, then cut-and-paste it into the message composition window and use the "preview" function to proof read it, going back to the composition page as often as necessary. This applies to all material I post to the Web.

If you want to lodge pictures, you generally need to do so on on of the more "dubious" image sharing sites of the Web - just check out where others have done so. On the supposedly more reputable sites, ignorant people (and of them, there is no shortage) tend to "object" and have such images censored, albeit since some such sites display a random selection of recent postings on their entry pages!

Now, regarding the diabetes, given the duration of the problem and the fact that no other stigmata of diabetes have come to light over this period, this is not probable, but there is always some concern which should be looked into.

Healthy skin will stretch. Fissuring is an indication that the skin is in some way not healthy. Skin inflamed by Candida (or indeed, LS) need not crack spontaneously, but loses its elasticity and cracks on what would otherwise be minor trauma.

You fit this description. Though you started with a non-retractile foreskin, the fact that it got worse rather than better clearly describes some skin disease.

Testing for Candida is often not practical, particularly because it is actually quite common, what varies is your body's individual ability to either tolerate it, or become injured by it. Treatment therefore is the test (and is in fact, cheaper than formal testing) - if you treat for Candida and the problem is solved, then it was Candida (and as a long-term problem, may return at any time and need re-treating).

Getting the cream inside the foreskin is ridiculously easy. You roll the tip of your foreskin over the nozzle of the cream, hold it sealed, squeeze a little (not much) cream inside, remove the nozzle and hold the foreskin shut, then massage it all around inside.

I suspect "highly sexed" simply means: Male. wink.gif

A little engineering "nous" makes improvements to the design of the stretcher reasonably self-explanatory. I haven't actually played with my pack of the "polymorph" yet (desk here far too occupied with paraphernalia already, mostly defective and needing to be repaired), but it certainly has the promise to make a variety of alternative tools for this purpose.

Whilst the "PI" (Prescribing Information) for the Clobetasone (apparently not the same as Clobetasol) carries "standard" warnings about the risk of skin atrophy, it appears that this is of lesser potency and as such, negligible risk as well as negligible benefit in this case, and that is why it is available over-the-counter. In a developed country, any steroid with the desired properties will require a prescription.

Yes, we care! happy.gif

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