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Re: You seem to have most of it sussed.

April 21 2012 at 9:20 AM
dave  (Login davedave123)

Response to You seem to have most of it sussed.

Hi Paul first i would like to thank you for your advice and time for reading my posts.
Someone told me that the foreskin should normally be retracted during sex however i didn't have a girlfriend at the time and since masturbation seemed fine i figured i would leave it as it is until having sex would actually give me trouble.
For the longest time i had been single so it wasn't of any concern to me.
This is still my thought today since i like my penis for as it is.
Aslong as having sex with or without a condom goes fine then i do not feel like stretching to retract the foreskin.
A reason for this is that i am not sure whether or not i could fully retract it since my case is severe.
And because i am worried if i stretch the skin a lot but still won't be able to retract, it might look alot worse with extra skin at the tip with a bigger hole in it.
Sorry if i seem immature or am way off here but i am no expert on this subject whatsoever.
This is simply my thoughts and worries to the ups and downs and all i would like is some information.

I am a virgin as mentioned before and me and my girlfriend are planning to take it slow.
Right now we mostly have only been talking about going further since we only have been kissing but we are both determent to go further by the end of the year.
Ofcourse in time we would do all the foreplay and everything else, however what i meant with 'hard sex' is the actual thrusting.
I know porn movies are fake but there is also a lot of amateur videos online which shows regular normal people having sex and i asked about it to my friends and they told me they liked the more hard thrusting sometimes.
Some of the time the thrusting is slow, sometimes fast.
I am just mainly concerned about the friction and how much of the skin will be pulled back during intercourse.
Ofcourse there is no true way of finding out besides actually finding out but if anyone has some experiances of their own i would gladly listen to it.
Especially because i read that pinhole phimosis hurts less than regular so maybe i do not need to stretch or change at all.
As always i would like to address that me and my girlfriend will take it slow and by all means sex itself is the last thing we're after which is why we have been waiting for so long but we do want to do it aventually.
So that is why i asked.

Ps: i only mentioned the steroid cream because a friend of mine had mentioned it.
He told me if it doesn't retract all the way you can use a cream for it.
At the time i didn't know about stretching excersizes and didn't think toomuch about it.
Looking back now i think his case was more of regular less tight foreskin which the cream helped him retract it with but then again that is just me guessing.
Personally i have never used it nor do i know how much it helps or what effect it really brings.
The main reason i came here is to wonder whether i should start stretching or whether it will work fine without having the foreskin retractable at all since it's a severe case of pinhole and therefor might hurt less than regular phimosis or tight foreskin during sex when me and my girlfriend are both ready for it.

Ultimately i would hope that my penis is conditioned to all mine and my girlfriends needs without any problems as it is.
If not then i will start do whatever i can to put circumcision as a last option resort because i am against it aswel and can't imagen my penis without all the sensitivity my foreskin brings.
Thank you once again for all the help.
It is very much appreciated it and it's great there is a forum out there with helpful people like yourself about a topic that is mostly not discussed.

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