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Re: Getting there.

April 22 2012 at 3:44 PM
dave  (Login davedave123)

Response to Getting there.

It is true that i grew up without any parental instructions since my father was never around and my mother never brought it up whether she was unaware to it or not. Then again it wasn't something i could've been in control at.
Further more i lived and still live in a bad neighborhood with not any real close friends due to it hard to find good reliable people so as you said i never superficially found out and the last topic coming to discussion is most likely one such as these.

Back to the porn subject. I didn't mean to offend anyone with the term 'anteater' penis.
I simply read about it online which indeed is a rude way to describe it.
Personally all penises are what they are, simply genitals.
I only mentioned it to make it easier to understand that i prefer a retractable penis over a pinhole one without describing my pros and cons, this way it was more easier to give concept but i didn't mean to offend anyone that has the same condition as i do.

If the flaccid penis would look exacly/almost exactly the same after stretching then i will definitely consider to start the process.
Personally i have been a bit scared as i mentioned before and i have also read other threads on this forum about the 'meatus' or opening being larger than before with someone who wasn't aware of this and didn't like the looks of it afterwards.
That is one of the main reasons i ask so many questions to make sure i make the right decission after gathering as much information i can find possible.
Based on no knowledge but simply common sense, i do assume that the opening would have to become larger since right now mine is about 0,1 inch only big enough to pee with which is impossible to make the head of the penis go through.
And when i think about it without any research so forgive me if i'm wrong but the skin around the penis hole itself doesn't really have any muscles in it so unlike the anus which can go bigger and smaller , the penis hole itself should stay big once it's made big is that correct?
The reason i am double checking is because my only 2 fears is the looks of the penis flaccid after stretching and the functioning of the penis after i stretched wondering whether it will work perfectly or whether the frenelum which to date i have never seen before, might be too short and even despite all the stretching would not bring me the desired results.
All of this is pure speculation based upon my thought and i might be way off here.
I have never had any diseases btw.

Lastly, yes circumcision is not a last option.
But what i meant was that if after stretching i still wouldn't be able to have painless intercourse whether due to elastic skin complications or a small frenelum or whatever could be causing it, then a minor surgery not circumcision itself but one of the others to perhaps make the frenelum longer then that is a last resort option.
Ofcourse if everything is reachable with stretching alone then that is ofcourse the best and most healthy way.
My naivete is simply lack of information on the subject but that is why i am here.
Thank you once again for all the help and for linking me those websites.
I will have it checked out and appreciate everything a lot.

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   No, not rude!Paul B.Apr 23, 2012, 3:25 PM

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