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So, you don't know much about the female body?

May 7 2012 at 3:46 AM
Paul B.  (Login Paul_B.)

Response to Question about Foreskin and Circumcision

It seems you haven't seen any young ladies' genitals then. If you had, you would have been quick to reply that as far as "nasty skin hanging there" goes, the girls beat you hands down (pardon the pun happy.gif). So if anyone were to be circumcised on that account, it would have to be the girls first. All arguments on supposed "hygiene" fail immediately on that point. Of course, that "dangling skin" I personally find quite appealing, though perhaps that is because I am by preference, automatically thinking about my own wife!

The argument for circumcision? Well, primarily it appears that it makes some doctors just that little bit of extra money (and in America, that "little bit" is apparently, not insignificant). The other reasons are somewhat complex.

Of course as Jim explains, the boys who dislike the idea of a fully functional foreskin, have a major problem. Since they were circumcised at birth (or near enough to it), they do not know as you do, what a foreskin feels like. What are they to do? They cannot do anything about not having a foreskin (there are of course, ways of stretching the remnant skin to "restore" a foreskin but this requires motivation and intelligence which would be far beyond the reach of most of your friends), and what was done to them at that stage, with no consideration of their own desires and expectations, was performed at the apparent request of their parents and however much they may wish to demonstrate independence from their parents, it is rather difficult to accept that their parents were just so stupid and malicious as to have them deliberately sexually mutilated.

It is much easier to accept a social delusion that the foreskin is "unhealthy", "ugly", unattractive and prone to cause "problems". It helps to have others, including the less intelligent girls, adopt this as "common knowledge" when they have so little experience that they cannot imagine otherwise. And of course, you do not really want the girls to have such genuine "experience" anyway. (It would of course be quite obvious that it is virtual insanity to be having sex without using a condom, and when using a condom, there is no perceptible difference to the girl in any case.)

And I would suspect you can pretty much recite all of the arguments for an intact foreskin by now.


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