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A few concerns & questions related to phimosis and foreskin

May 13 2012 at 5:08 PM
embarrassedguest  (no login)

[ sorry if this thread is long sad.gif ]


I'm 18 years old, uncut,
and ashamed to admit I have only recently discovered foreskin is meant to retract.
Yesterday actually.
I've been doing quite a bit of lurking and reading on this site and there seems to be wonderful and comforting info.

Firstly, I've known for years that I'm uncut. I spent my entire adolescence being really uncomfortable and quite frankly embarrassed about it. (So naturally my sexual experience is indeed limited.)
But now I've come to learn that something like 85% of men are intact. And that it's actually more enjoyable for men and women :D
I also assumed that the foreskin was attached to the glans and the glans was not meant to be entirely exposed. That's what I thought the difference was between cut and uncut.
...ultimately I've been led to discover that foreskin can and is supposed to retract :O.
And I feel terrible to know that I'm 18 years old and have not once retracted sad.gif.
(I also feel terrible in knowing that millions of men have been circumcised for no real reason. Especially now that I know foreskin retracts and can 'look the same'. But that's an entirely different thread :P. I'm so greatful that my parents left me natural.)

I have a few questions and concerns I'd love to get cleared up:

-Is phimosis a 'permanent' case of not being able to retract regardless of whatever, or is it just another way of saying 'your foreskin is tight' and can be cured with stretching?
-Is my situation different since I'm so old and have not retracted? Is it possible for me to fix it?
-The foreskin isn't attached to the glans then, right? it's just a matter of the opening and frenulum not being stretched enough to go over?

- I've researched the exercises and the two best and important ones seem to be: 1. Pulling outwards and eventually inserting fingers. and 2.pulling the skin back as far as you can w/o being in pain. And are both best performed in a warm bath. Correct?
-Are the exercises meant to be performed while flaccid or erect? Or a combination or both?
-Is frenulum stretching a different exercise?
-that "veiny thing" under my penis and scrotum is normal?
-The two finger/pulling outwards stretch will prevent the skin from getting stuck behind the head after retraction?
-And "traditional" masturbation also helps the stretching process? vs. using the foreskin to stimulate the glans?

-Also, I've tried the pulling outward stretch. Is it supposed to feel a bit strange? Like I feel it 'separating' from the glans, hear this "pop" sound (like when you remove a suction cup), and can feel the 'air' going in. Is that 'open' sensation a normal one?
And I've also done the pull back stretch whilst erect and have discovered that I can get it back to expose a area around the size of a thumbnail. If not a bit larger. perphaps half an inch I'd say.
-And sensitivity is normal right? Both in the inside of the foreskin itself and the glans once I hopefully am able to retract? Any tips on how to stop being so sensitive?
-After you stretch and retract it won't go back to being unstreched again will it?

-My major concern is that I'll "mess something up" down there sad.gif.

I should point out that in my very few stretches I've experience no pain at all. Just 'strange' sensations. I guess from not being used to the exercises???
And in the past I've been able to put condoms on painlessly and have a significantly larger portion of the glans exposed with no discomfort. Which gives me hope that I can one day have a fully functioning member. Is that a promising sign?

-signed, a guy trying to become comfortable with myself.

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