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May 20 2012 at 8:13 AM
Dylan jones.  (Login getmoneyvt)

Im 16 and have phimosis I think. I live in USA but was born in Wales. My penis is pretty normal I think, it is around 6.5 inches and I am Uncut.. But my foreskin goes about an nch past my head of my penis, which I have never really seen. When it is soft,I can pull the skin back and almost see the tip of my head,but the skin that I pull back looks inda weird and bumpy. When it is hard,it is pretty much the same thing I can almost see the head and the skin is weird and bumpy. But sometimesI can see the top of my head and is is super sensetive. And I'm worried cause this girl I am going to date soon, has had sex with two guys prior, and I'm assuming they were cut. Will she find it weird to see an uncut kid, and one with phimosis. And how would getting a blow job and having sex feel like to me and her? And ive been doing the finger stretching for like 4-5 weeks now. I can post pictures if they would help.

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   Good age to remedy it.Paul B.May 20, 2012, 4:31 PM

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