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As you will note from my previous explanations here,

July 1 2012 at 5:56 AM
Paul B.  (Login Paul_B.)

Response to THANKS!

The reason that so many boys of similar age you have "seen" (which I doubt - remote rumours more likely) having circumcisions, is not because it was ever actually needed (because - it never is!), but because they were deceived by the medical "system". For that reason, it is safer not to take this problem to the "doctor" - and you simply do not need to as you can solve it simply by following the instructions here, without anyone else - either us or theoctor - looking at you.

Essentially, calm down. There is nothing unusual about your situation. Whatever we have explained in past discussions applies to you, so make sure you have read a lot of them because we cannot afford (the time) to repeat the same instructions in every reply.

It is genuinely disturbing that at thirteen, even fourteen, you are concerned about "needing" to "have sex" within "a year or two" but even aside from that, the fact is you have plenty of time to implement what we explain. "Paraphimosis" can be avoided by simply not pulling your foreskin back (though if it goes back easily when you do not have an erection, it follows that all you need to do to get it forward again at any time, is to "lose" the erection), because that - retracting your foreskin - is not part of the more effective stretching exercises. When it is easy to pull it back, because you have been doing the stretches, then you will know you are almost finished. Simple as that, and no panic.

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