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It's sad.

July 10 2012 at 3:34 PM
Paul B.  (Login Paul_B.)

Response to Re: In the long run.......................

I have this feeling - just a surmise mind you; that fellows who come here are just a tad smarter then the average (Note: average!) which is to say that instead of making assumptions, they are at least researching the situation in some depth and not falling for the more common, but completely wrong answers.

This being the case, it disturbs me that you would actually consider a relationship with a girl of clearly much lesser intelligence - I mean, where is it going to get you in the longer term? What do you see as the long term prospects of such a relationship? And are you proposing an extensive sexual "trial and error" process?

Surely you could be a bit more "choosy" than that. Wouldn't you want the girl for a "keeper", and wouldn't that involve finding one that had not had so many partners as to "pick and choose", and with whom the familiarisation process - her with your little "oddities" and you with hers, would be gradual and comfortable?


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