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surgery scheduled???

November 16 2004 at 5:08 PM
  (Login Freddie02b)

Hello Jim & Fellas,
Thank God that I found this site.. I'm scheduled for circumsion on 12/21/04. The last year my forskin (1.5") has become very tight. I feel that i stretch it all the time. My urlogist won't even think not to cut. If theres a problem, cut it off. I've always pride myself on the fact I still got it(the foreskin.)Please help me!!!!!!

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(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)
Forum Owner

Man, are you lucky!

November 16 2004, 5:45 PM 

Once it's gone, there's no way to get it back, so the first thing I'd suggest is to cancel that appointment. Let's get some information from you and then proceed to solve the problem.

How old are you? Has this problem just started? What was the situation before?

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Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

First things first.

November 17 2004, 2:08 AM 

May I re-iterate what Jim has said.

Cancel all the appointments for surgery, or to see that doctor. Don't "defer" them, don't consider ever going back unless you have a genuine urological problem (which is most improbable at your age).

You are going to need plenty of time to get the problem sorted out, and you don't need anyone - including yourself - "breathing down your neck" as if there was some time limit or deadline on what you do. And of course, it appears pretty clear your doctor(s) have no idea on how to treat this problem. Thank goodness you don't have a headache!

Next point - read this board thoroughly and check out any interesting links. It is almost certain that what you need to know has already been explained.

Finally, on the basis of all that reading, do get back, confirm you have cancelled all the appointments, and tell us how what you have compares to what other people have had, and what you think would be the best thing to do in your case - we will be happy to advise.

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