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Important discovery

August 5 2005 at 7:57 PM
Don  (no login)

Hey guys

I went to a doctor initially to get these bumps checked, and by the time i left, i found out i had a varicocele which you propobly know is a swelling of some of the veins in your scrotum due to the failing of the blood valves.

unfortunately, i went in with a question that was never answered, embarrasing on my part.

now, to continue, i did a little bit of research and im generally not worried, i just want to get rid of it. but i came over a site that said that little bums can occur from the vericose vein. is this possible?

if so im not worried, i have an aunt that works with a urologist and have a surgery time already schedualed and hopefully the bumps will leave too.

my question, which was somewhat stated, is if these bump are part of my vericocele if it was that is a bonus, thanks again.


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(Login Paul_B.)

... but why?

August 6 2005, 11:25 PM 

Unfortunately, you have not identified where these "bumps" actually are. If they are not so much "bumps", as soft "ripples" showing in your scrotum (commonly described as a "bag of worms") when you are standing (or sitting) but not lying down, and if you can slide your scrotum skin over the bumps, then you probably are describing a varicocoele. If on the other hand, the "bumps" are fixed in the skin and relatively small, they are definitely not the varicocoele - and more likely little cysts around the hair follicles.

No doubt as you are coming here and asking this question, you have already looked around a fair bit on the "net". We might wonder why you are asking it here, but I am of course, more than happy to answer - sexual health (men and women) is pretty much my field. If you note this article for example, you will observe that the condition is common, whereas surgery for it is not common, because you only need surgery if either you are complaining of pain, or are having an infertility problem and it is suspected the varicocoele is contributing to this.

Note that I say contributing, because for one thing, you have two testicles and if only one is affected by a varicocoele, then it will have no effect on fertility unless the other testicle is already not working, and even then, it is unlikely to be responsible for major infertility. More importantly, the operation itself carries a risk of damage to the testicle, so as with all surgery, there has to be a good enough reason to do it, to accept that risk.

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(no login)

Completely understand

August 8 2005, 4:38 PM 

Paul i can completely understand your confusion i was very unclear.

these bumps are on the scrotum and shaft but very small and they are surrounding the hair follicle, but mine seem to keep showing up. i know the varicocele is in the scrotum and yes i can feel it and it does kind of feel like a bag of worms. The issue here is i do have the dull ache and this has persisted for quite a while, and now that i am working in construction the pain is annoying during work, and miserable afterwards.

i came to you guys because not only have i posted here before about my bumps but after reading many of the other thread, i know that you and jim and incredibly smart when it comes to this kindof thing.

now back to my question. knowing that i have the varicocele, and i have the cyst around the hair follicle, could the cysts be continuing to grow or accumulate because of my varicocele?

thanks so much for your time.


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(Login jimsplacetofixthings)
Forum Owner

Bumps on the outside

August 9 2005, 11:51 AM 

The bumps you see on the outside of the scrotum have no relationship to whatever is going on inside. They are just related to the hair follicle and as far as I know are normal.

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(Login Paul_B.)

No connection

August 10 2005, 2:54 PM 

OK, Don, now we are in a better position to advise.

As Jim has said, there is no connection between the varicocoele and the scrotal and (obviously) shaft "bumps". To explain, the whole point regarding the varicocoele, is that the testis and its blood supply come from somewhere else entirely - in fact, exactly where a woman's ovaries are, inside the pelvis and not too far below the kidneys, that's where they come from. As a matter of fact, the testes are actually derived from primitive kidneys, way back in evolution, but that's just an aside.

So there's no actual functional connection at all. If you squeeze the testes (not a good idea, even as an experiment), whilst you can feel a localisation to the scrotum because the scrotal skin has fairly good touch sensation, the pain and nausea it causes, is felt in the abdomen - where the connections are. And of course, that's the sort of sensation the excess pressure on the testicles causes in relation to the varicocoele.

Sure, if you have those symptoms, an operation on the varicocoele is advised, and will - presumably - improve things. It just isn't a good idea to have an operation on a varicocoele just because it's there.

And unless the bumps are obviously inflamed or irritated, in which case you have a sort of dermatitis or acne; if they are simply skin-coloured lumps and non-tender, I really would suggest you stop obsessing on them.

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