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Why all of a Sudden?

December 25 2005 at 7:34 PM
AL  (no login)

Thanks for directing me to the this site.
I do not understand after some 40 years all ofa sudden my forskin just closed up. I have never had any problem, there is plenty of skin, but it was like in one day, it was fine today and next it would not pull back over the head.

There is no information hardly, not even in Medical encylopedias on phymosis. I am just trying to understand why. What has caused this all of a suddent?

When inserting a finger I can feel a tight ring. I do not understand tho.

can anyone help?


Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

This is indeed, a medical problem.

December 26 2005, 7:13 PM 

Hello Al. Thanks for accepting the invitation. Although you will get some intelligent responses (such as Geoff B's recent one) on "ARC"/ "Parsimony", you may on the other hand find it very confusing and disturbing.

Right - to start with, there are two situations where you get a tight foreskin. One is where it has never worked "properly" - pulled back easily and reasonably fully; and in such cases the primary advice, is to persistently stretch it.

Yours is however, clearly the second situation - you were fine, but something happened. Clearly some disease process is at work. Geoff is most likely correct in that the simplest cause is yeast infection with Candida species, or possibly another fungus. A pretty specific indication of this - is an itch, and some degree of redness. Did you notice such?

It is certainly reasonable to try the Clotrimazole cream in the first instance which will hopefully at least settle down any irritation present. If it does so, it will then be appropriate to proceed with with some stretching - and I commend you to read a few of the threads here to follow the various ideas we suggest. But I specifically point out - your particular problem is distinct insofar as you have some reason for the tightness, and that problem must be brought under control before any improvement will be possible.

If Clotrimazole does not seem to be working, a reasonable next step would be to try Fluconazole (Diflucan®) which I believe you will find now available "over the counter" as a single tablet whose effects should last for at least a week, and might reasonably be expected to "shake" a Candidal problem. Incidentally - you might care to explain just how long ago this problem started, and whether your wife happens to be troubled by yeast infections?

Actually, having said all this, I really think you need to see a doctor about it, but we feel from experience, that you need to be very cautious as to what (s)he suggests. It is only too common, particularly in the USA, for a doctor to suggest circumcision, or referral to a "Urologist" - who would in turn, almost certainly recommend circumcision.

There is much clear ignorance on this subject, particularly as it involves discussion of sexual functioning, about which many doctors feel very uncomfortable, and as a result, frequently abandon their usual deductive processes! What you have, is not a "urological" problem, but a skin disorder, and for that, you need to see a dermatologist. Even then, you may (particularly in the USA) have to stress that you want diagnosis and treatment, not removal.

One thing the doctor must do before all else, is to arrange a blood test for diabetes. Unfortunately, being in your 40s as you imply, there is a significant risk that you could be developing diabetes, resulting in glucose excretion in the urine, which favours infestation with Candida ("Thrush"). If that were to prove the case, than you would firstly need prompt and effective management of the diabetes before you could hope to control the fungal infection, recurrence of which would always be a continuing risk - but of course, the diabetes itself would be the bigger problem!

Note that a blood test - fasting glucose level followed if any doubt arises, by a Glucose Tolerance Test - and not a simple urine test, is required to screen for diabetes.

Next, you would expect the doctor to actually examine your foreskin, to assess what sort of problem (s)he could determine. If fungal infection was evident, then certainly an effective treatment for this would be started, and either then or subsequently, a suitable steroid ointment would be appropriate to address the actual skin tightness.

I will summarise what you will find in other threads here - Hydrocortisone and Mometasone (Novasone®, Elocon®) are inappropriate and a doctor suggesting them for this condition is demonstrating ignorance of the situation. While I am not sure about methylprednisolone (Advantan®) in this regard, the most appropriate steroid ointments (note - ointment rather than cream) are betamethasone (Antroquoril®, Betnovate®, Diprosone®, Eleuphrat®) or triamcinolone (Aristocort®, Kenacort®).

The specific effect of these latter is that not only do they settle down inflammation, but they suppress the process of scarring and soften the skin matrix, making it practical to stretch it progressively (and if the condition is quite recent, then quite rapidly) back to the normal or desired laxity.

Why is there a shortage of information on "phymosis"? Possibly due to the wrong spelling! But it is certainly poorly dealt with in medical literature - and practice - being pretty much an excuse for circumcision.

But enough for now, let's see what you can do with all this? Do keep in touch.

(no login)

Why all of a sudden?

December 27 2005, 1:11 AM 

Thanks Paul for the responce.
You hit several nails. Diabetes could very well be a problem as I have had many symptoms as of late and it runs in my family. My mother was severe and after 5 heart attacks died at 51 years old/ insulin related. Her mother was diabetic as wellas father. Granny died at 52. will defintely get that checked
did not realize it could cause a problem there as well.

so this has happened maybe 5 years ago.
just figured it was something that is bound to happen, did not want circumcission so I chose to live with it. My father had the same thing in his 40s He had the operation, however sex was not something to ever be discussed in our house. so he never mentioned any details. His was not due to diabetes tho so I never related the two.

I have never had the itching problem or redness and swelling. do have trouble sometimes with infection which I thought
was urinary tract. since there is no way for washing I use a syringe and peroxide to boil out any impurties.

am not married any longer 12 years and still celebrating. LOL so that is not a problem nor the problem.

will start the stretching routine again and definitely get the blood glucose checked. gotta start somewhere.

Thanks AL

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)


December 27 2005, 9:43 AM 

I don't think the peroxide is doing you any good. You need a balance of "impurities" to keep a it healthy inside. Before you start stretching, start using one of the preparations that Paul has prescribed. If the yeast is not brought under control, you will have resistance that could lead to cracking.

(no login)

Re: Washing

December 27 2005, 9:07 PM 

Thanks Jim
I dont there is a yeast infection.
this site isnt working properly right now try again later

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Something odd happened.

December 28 2005, 10:46 AM 

Not sure what you mean by this site not working properly - I see no problems apart from having to wait for Jim's "approval" for each message.

It appears however that you, "AL", just became "persona non grata" at "AJ"s kingdom - but I can't figure out why, other than that you dared to say that phimosis wasn't a major impediment to intercourse!

What do you figure?

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