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July 4 2006 at 8:23 PM
Jimmy  (Login Jimy22)

HOw do you guys masturbate with a tight foreskin? I cant seem to be able to cum by stroking it. i just dont feel a sensation. the only way that works for me is by using a pulsating shower head on the tip on my penis. im going to start stetching my foreskin in hopes that it will help this. What do you guys suggest?


Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

More info, please?

July 5 2006, 5:33 AM 

Wow! Now that does sound a curious situation!

Perhaps you might care to give us an idea of just how old you are, when and how you first started masturbating, whether you have managed to "come" by any other means, how you came to try the shower head, whether you have had any opportunity to attempt intercourse, and any other related matter that might be relevant? In particular, some detail what sort of "stroking" you have tried, for how long and how "successful" you felt this was - how "close" you came - to "coming"?

Presumably, your foreskin is much the same as this fellow mentioned in the thread previous to this?

Perhaps I should point out that "we guys" have not personally suffered from a tight foreskin - but that does not mean we don't know a fair bit about it - Jim in particular has experience and expertise in the process of doing something very similar but far more difficult - stretching the remains after circumcision, of foreskin and plain penile shaft skin to "re-form" a foreskin to protect the sensitivity of the glans (penis head) and make intercourse more pleasant for both participants.

You may note from this, why we always take the viewpoint that a circumcision is a really, really bad way to deal with a foreskin that won't retract.

Getting back to your question, I suspect that you may not have tried too many variations of "stroking", so we might talk about that if you can clearly describe what you have tried, but I would certainly advise the stretching for this and other reasons.

(Login Bobby20)


July 28 2006, 6:39 AM 

I am really surprised that anyone would have trouble masturbating with a foreskin, retractile or non-retractile.

Medical science has established that most of the penile nerves are in the foreskin. Those nerves are stimulated by movement of any kind and by stretching.

Pulling the foreskin out stretches it and stimulates the nerves. Also increasing the tempo of the stroke provides additional stimulation. Keep experimenting and you should find the technique that works best for you.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Here today, gone tomorrow

July 30 2006, 6:50 AM 

Without going into the exact details of this study and that, I don't think it is quite sensible to claim that "most of the penile nerves are in the foreskin".

It is certainly true that part of the perversity of the circumcision fetishists - both "lay" and "professional" - is to assert that the foreskin has "no sensation", "no useful sensation" or "no important sensation" and it should be clear that these are all quite foolish claims.

Those who have examined the foreskin in detail - microscopically using standard histological techniques - observe that it is quite rich in nerve endings, especially that part which forms the tip when flaccid, like an elephant's trunk (which in case it is not obvious, is very sensitive and discriminating).

Those who have seriously studied sensation - and this fits in with the histological investigations - have determined that sensation in the glans is relatively poor in terms of touch discrimination while the foreskin is correspondingly richer. Clearly - and this is a matter of simple observation - stimulation of the glans does lead to orgasm and it is "wired" to this end, but equally easy to observe, sensation in the foreskin contributes - that is, adds to and augments this sensation.

The point then, is not whether one or the other is the "major" contributor to sexual pleasure - though perhaps you were not really intending to make a point of it - but that such pleasure must necessarily be always diminished if the foreskin were to be removed.

A foreskin that cannot be retracted, is assuredly no limit to stimulation, as it certainly has its own sensation, while the glans is very effectively stimulated by the compression of the tight foreskin when each attempt is made to pull it back.

The original post here is puzzling, as it suggests on the one hand that Jimmy cannot retract his foreskin, yet on the other he seems to be suggesting he can retract it to use the stimulation of a shower on the glans. Unfortunately he seems to be a "flash in the pan" and for some reason unwilling to actually discuss the matter.

(Login Korydon)

Here today, gone tomorrow

July 31 2006, 10:30 PM 

In the absence of our Jimmy, I'm quite willing and able to "actually discuss the matter" ... of stimulating an unretractable penis with a stream of water from a shower head. For me the first time occurred late one night after a high school football game. Delayed by events, I happened to be the last one in the shower, long after everyone else had left. Being alone, and somewhat randy, I quickly acquired an erection. It did not take me long to discover that the pressurized streams of water hitting my erect penis created a rather pleasant sensation. Realizing that a more focused stream of water would be even more effective, I unscrewed the shower head, which concentrated the entire flow of water into one continuous stream.

The effect was, well, stunning: Explosive, in fact. It brought me to my knees!

Taking into account the water pressure available at that particular shower head, the effect is one which cannot easily be duplicated if a fellow is circumcised, or retractable. Except for a few times, I've never been able to quite approach the intensity of those orgasms, having stupidly acquiesced to having my foreskin removed. They remain, however, some of my fondest memories.

As for not experiencing orgasm at all without benefit of the shower stream ... no, I never had that problem. Something more must be behind Jimmy's story.

Years later, while collecting the results of an anonymous sex survey, I discovered that another young fellow had confessed to enjoying the same method of achieving orgasm. Inventive young men will evidently try almost anything.


Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

I would be pleased to hear ...

August 2 2006, 6:54 AM 

Oh yes, I agree, Rood.

This is all about a function of the nervous system called "neuroadaptation". Irrespective of changes in the skin itself (which as the erstwhile "researchers" will claim has no - to them - detectable effect on sensation), the nervous response of a structure such as the glans penis will "adapt" to the "background" or "noise" level of stimulus, and compare anything novel, to this. Consequently, a permanently covered glans (and as you will, inner foreskin) "up-regulates" to become almost as responsive as a unit, as a bare one, so that it interprets the stimuli of stroking, containment within a vagina, or the impact of a fluid stream, almost the same.

I would say however, that it is subtly different. Because the outer foreskin is more durable, and it easily slides over the inner layers, it suppresses almost all of the uncomfortable "drag" that might be experienced by the glans itself, while pressure as such, it transmitted very effectively, and it certainly seems to be this pressure that is "enjoyed" by the glans (and which is also why vaginal looseness proves rather frustrating for many men).

My observation, limited though it be, is that it is most unusual for men with unretractable foreskins to have difficulty stroking to orgasm (which is why I would really like to see Jimmy explain just how he is stroking), and indeed, many would find it particularly effective to focus on the sensation of pulling the tight foreskin back against the glans (which in itself constitutes a "stretching exercise"); or to find more than adequate pleasure in penetration of a woman with decent vaginal tone.

I have no real doubt that the water impact is pleasurable, and that the covering qualities of the unretractable foreskin over a maximally sensitive glans/ inner foreskin would appreciate that sensation more than a glans alone, adapted to more frequent external contact.

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