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passing a physical/medical

July 6 2006 at 11:23 AM
stan  (Login user905)

i've got phimosis and i'm currently stretching to fix the problem. I was just wondering that if i had to take physical/medical examination before being hired for a job, would having phimosis cause me to not pass the examination or to be rejected for the job? I have already asked my doctor this question when i first went to him with the problem...and he said i would have no problem what so ever passing a physical...no problem at all.

the reason i am asking this is because i know that many doctors have their difference of opinions on this matter and if i get sent to the wrong one i may "not pass" the examination...

comments/suggestions please.

thanks alot.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

That's a stretch

July 6 2006, 4:02 PM 

Any doctor failing you on an exam needs to have his license revoked. Your foreskin has absolutely NOTHING to do with being qualifed for a job, unless perhaps you are planning to star in porno flicks.

What the doctor should be looking for is problems which might prevent you from doing the job, such as hernias or heart disease. He will also probably test you for illicit drug useage.

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