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20 yrs Old. Had no idea my penis wasnt completely normal.

January 6 2007 at 8:39 PM
Sam  (no login)

I have phimosis, and have had it since I think I was 7. I've use betamethasone diprotiate or whatever its called and it didnt seem to work, plus I never realized until just a few minutes ago that my foreskin could completely retract all the way back. I always assumed those guys who had penises like that were circumsized.

Anyhow, I just read wikipedia and I think I have balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO). Because I do have a whitish ring on the outside of my penis.

I do not pee straight, and my pee stream is weak to nonexistant generally. It just kind of dribbles itself out. Sometimes it goes down my penis to my hand or whatever, and its gross.

Is there anything I can do to fix this without circumcision. My Penis is VERY tight. I dont think I can pull anything back, and i dont remember ever seeing anything inside my foreskin in a VERY long time.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Beware the Wiki!

January 8 2007, 2:15 PM 

Wikipedia is an exceedingly dangerous resource from which to work, due to the presence of purported "contributors" to that site, more than one of whom are afflicted with a circumcision paraphilia, and are responsible for removing or amending material that conflict with their inclination - as you may readily observe - under such guises as "incorrect use of language".

You may indeed have a degree of Lichen Sclerosis of the foreskin, for which the deprecated (in other words, obsolete) term is "BXO", but it would be most unwise to conclude that this should necessarily be treated by circumcision.

The first treatment is indeed a fluorinated steroid ointment such as betamethasone dipropionate which needs to be applied to the exact correct area - which means, to the tight part of the foreskin by applying it with the foreskin pulled back to reveal that tight part - which may well appear as a white ring when "on the stretch". If you have been applying it in any other manner, then it would not have been effective.

Now, if you do indeed have a degree of LS, then you will indeed need to use the treatment continuously for a significant period - possibly months, and in conjunction with effective stretching as detailed in other threads here.

There is some tendency to be "put off" by the instructions to these steroid preparations, which imply that there may be some danger in "extended" use beyond a couple of weeks. And if you were to use them for a substantial area of your body for simple dermatitis, this might indeed be a concern as a significant amount of the medication might be absorbed through the skin. But this is not the case here, as the area on which you will be using it is tiny - not the whole foreskin, only the tight part which you wish to stretch.

The Product Information also refers to "skin atrophy" as a possible consequence. Great! That is exactly what you earnestly want to happen - that is why you are using it in the first place, you need the skin (with any scar tissue present) to soften and become easier to stretch. Whatever causes this, is to your complete advantage.

In regard to peeing, you omit to mention a critical detail. Does your foreskin "balloon" when you pee? Can you on the other hand make it balloon by peeing while you hold the end of the foreskin shut (do this in the shower)? If it balloons when you hold the end of the foreskin shut but not when you let it loose, it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your foreskin is causing no obstruction to your urine flow, and any "hesitancy" is due to something else entirely.

Please clarify this in order that I can advise you further.

Take a look at these pictures, all of which happen, by the way, to show a perfectly normal penis. Which one best describes how much you can or cannot see of your glans when you do (attempt to) retract?

(no login)

Re: Beware the Wiki!

January 9 2007, 5:31 PM 

Pictures 24 and 25 look most similar to mine. And yes mine does baloon and get tighter it seems when I am peeing. Sometimes I am able to pee in an actual line buts its a small flow, not large. Generally my pee doesnt go straight.

And yea since I cane actually get anywhere under the foreskin, I put the cream on the tip of my penis where pee would come out. I kinda try and push it down there.

I also tried some strething, well whatever I could do since im so tight, and it kinda hurts. Plus since I cant actually get any opening, strecthing gets tiresome after 1-2 mins. Cause im basically just pulling two ends of my skin.

(no login)

Re: Beware the Wiki!

January 11 2007, 6:46 AM 

Wanted to mention a few other things.

I do remmeber when I was 5-7 ish and I remember peeing in long straight lines. I do remember being able to pull my foreskin ALL the way back, and i remember pulling it back around age 6 or so at the urinal and it hurt doing so. I think after that I never pulled it back again, so i guess thats why it got tight.

When i was 5-7 i remember going to the doctor and getting cream... When I was 9ish it hurt like hell peeing. I told my mom and she got me those female yeast creams and they got rid of the pain.

I've been to physicals once every 2 years or so hoping a doctor would notice it on his own and none ever have. So I just dont bring it up.

Any more questions ask. I dont have a prescription for betamethsane btw. I got it online from a canadian pharmacy. Its frightening to order it or more cause i live with my parents and I dont want them seeing it in the mail.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Could it be yeast?

January 11 2007, 8:56 AM 

Have you tried a yeast cream recently? Perhaps that's all it is.

If your reluctance to retract since a young age is indeed the culprit, this should be resolved quickly and easily. I suspect the real problem may be yeast.

Where are you located?

(no login)

Re: Could it be yeast?

January 11 2007, 4:57 PM 

So like the yeast creams could lossen it up? Ur saying its as tight as it is due to infection? It has bled before, id say 2-3 times a year.

But i mean its DAMN tight. How could a cream alone loosen it up.

And im in Georgia BTW. The state not the country.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

What it takes for lopsening

January 11 2007, 9:23 PM 

The preparation used to combat the yeast does just that. Then YOU go to work getting the loosening done.

What you have diagnosed as LS or BXO is likely a return of the yeast problem. It's fairly easy to determine this by treating for it. Then it's just a matter of doing some simple stretching. With any preparation, the manual stretching is of far greater importance than the effect of the medicine. However, it certain cases, you won't get far without the treatment. Make sense?

Your state is one I'd like very much to visit. Having had a couple of tastes of the South, I wish to experience more of it. Yes, I figured as much, for those from the country would be greatly challenged with our language.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)


January 12 2007, 4:46 AM 

OK, let me run through a few "bullet points" here.
  • If you could get your foreskin fully back at the age of five, then obviously something has gone badly wrong. There is a tendency to suspect this to be LS, but on the other hand it could be something as simple as using soap on the foreskin - if your skin does not like the irritation of soap, that in itself can cause problems. On the other hand, Candida ("Thrush") if chronic, can cause a fair bit of damage, and if it was fixed at the time by anti-fungal cream, that does seem to imply it was Candida.

    That notwithstanding, I am still trying to assess the severity of your problem. Any tight foreskin is likely to cause "ballooning", so I am trying to gauge the degree of ballooning. I suggested that you make it balloon to the maximum by holding the end of the foreskin shut; the question is - is the ballooning when you pee normally, almost as large as when you do that, or is it only a small amount?

  • The next step, both in terms of assessment and management, is to see what sort of object you might be able to pass through the narrow part (the ballooning of course, demonstrates that there is plenty of space inside the narrow part, and any object you use you would of course, introduce so that it passes to the side of your glans).

    The criteria for such an object are that it is absolutely smooth with no sharp edges, it should be rounded at the end and preferably tapered, it should be sturdy so that it does not break easily (interestingly enough, solid glass rod would be very suitable for this purpose, because it takes far more force to shatter than you are ever likely to attempt to apply to your penis), it must be long enough to guarantee you cannot "lose" it inside (the foreskin), it should not be porous as you need to clean it, it should not be something to which your body might react (such as nickel plating) and yes, it must be clean.

    The casing of a ballpoint pen is a likely contender for this purpose if your foreskin is indeed as tight as you suggest. You can semi-sterilise it by wiping with alcohol (isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirit) and making sure it is dry again, and lubricate it with (preferably) a "personal" lubricant or simply with vegetable oil for this purpose. Or indeed, the "thrush" cream (but possibly better not the betamethasone, at least not to start with).

    The point is, how easily it will slip through the narrow part (which you do by pulling the foreskin away from your body) gives you an idea of how narrow it is - if it goes in easily and slips all the way beside your glans to the corona, then you would look at stretching with larger objects such as a little finger, if it does not, then it is in itself a useful object to do the stretching. Since you simply leave the object sitting in place, it should not be tiring at all.

  • If you are putting the (betamethasone) cream on the tight part, then that is the idea, the point is that it will not do anything much without some stretching - if you were just putting the cream on before and not stretching, then no doubt, there would not have been much improvement. I presume you actually have some left? (You only need very little in fact.)

  • Doctors are probably not very sharp on this problem - perhaps more to the point, they are frequently too embarrassed to investigate it, for fear that their motives for doing so might be questioned. This is often just as well, as they are likely to start making suggestions regarding circumcision, if only because apart from the actual operation itself performed under anaesthesia, this actually avoids any prolonged and repeated episodes of actually touching the penis, which would be uncomfortable (to them)!

  • Bleeding (what led to this?) certainly does suggest active irritation due to something such as Candida. As Jim suggests, using the anti-fungal cream for this would be appropriate, and you probably do need to use this if you are to use the betamethasone, because unfortunately the betamethasone does make you more susceptible to the Candida.
The fact that your foreskin has become very tight does mean that it will take some time - and effort - to fix. It does not mean it is impossible.

(no login)


January 12 2007, 3:44 PM 

Im gonna look up Candida cause I have no idea what that is.
When I pee the balooning is as large as if i did the test you told me to do.

And what object would pass through the narrow part? Do you mean where the pee comes out? Maybe a Pin Needle? Like Am I actually sticking an object deep into the narrow part of just the tip trying to stretch it?

Bleeding... Uhm it just happens 2-3 times a year for 2-3 days and goes away.

How much time/effort are we talking here? 3 months, 6 months, a year? More?

I want to remedy this myself but its affecting me a lot. It takes longer to pee since my flow isnt strong, Me pees never straight really, and of course i feel akward around girls. I sure as heck dont wanna do anything with girls while im like this.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

If it is candida.............

January 12 2007, 10:28 PM 

........the girls would be smart to stay away anyway, because it isn't fun for them to catch.

Here's a link which tells about it: http://www.natural-candida-cleanse.com/male-yeast-infection.html

While it says the symptons include redness, there's still a possibility it's what you have. You would just lose a little bit of time by treating for it.

Once the cause is found and eliminated, the stretching could take two to six months, depending upon your diligence.

(no login)

Doubt I have Candida

January 13 2007, 4:21 AM 

I dont have any pain and my penis hasnt hurt in years. It doesnt itch.
My penis isnt swolen, and i dont have a wet eruption nor blisters or the white discharge.

My Penis USE to hurt when I was 9 when I peed. Not anymore. I do pee a loy but thats due to me drinking nonstop. Probably a 24 oz bottle every 2 hours, roughly a gallon or more a day.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Just need to do it

January 13 2007, 6:00 AM 

Jim is a little unkind here, as any girls with whom you might have a relationship are unlikely to be overly concerned whether you have Candida.

Candida Albicans is the tautological name (both words mean something similar to "white" or "bright white" in Latin) of a yeast - loosely related to fungi - which causes the infections that not uncommonly trouble women, which you referred to by mentioning "those female yeast creams".

The point is that women suffer from it, they can get it from men and vice versa, by having sex, but it often occurs on its own, because it is so common in the environment - for example it may be the whitish patches that rot citrus fruit when left out - it gets eaten and passes through the bowel.

OK, as long as you have tried the "balloon" test and found that the ballooning is almost as much when you are not holding the end of the foreskin shut as when you are, then that would tend to confirm a very narrow opening. Clearly it is quite important that you rectify this problem as it carries a significant risk of infection as well as making it difficult to pee.

The correct "medical" approach to this, is to use a set of dilators, but if you were careful, a tapered ballpoint pen casing (with mechanism and clip removed for safety) as I described previously, would probably be suitable, given the use of a lubricant. You need to stretch the foreskin out in order to do this, holding the end of it and pulling away from the body.

It doesn't matter whether it fits in completely to start with, the important principle is to try it frequently for a little while - a few minutes held in place without causing pain, and it should over a period of days, go in a little further each day. If you can stretch it up to this size, then certainly you should be able to pee properly as a result, and the same principle is then applied , step by step, to make it larger and larger.

Although it may be obvious to you why you "don't wanna do anything with girls" whilst this problem exists, from my wider viewpoint, it doesn't matter a bit. If you refer to having sex, then I will point out that I am quite sure that you have been masturbating for the past eight years or so and have not problems with that, so there is no reason why you would not be able to have sex - at least no reason beyond the inexperience that any other fellow might have.

(no login)

Re: Just need to do it

January 13 2007, 6:28 PM 

Really appreciate the help guys. Ill see if I can try strecthing it out how you mentioned. Ill look for a possibly smaller objext to start thats clean and non sharp. But if not Ill use what I can find, thanks!

(no login)

Uhm, Is this how its suppose to be?

January 15 2007, 5:43 PM 

Anyhow, Ballpoint ben top was too big. So I used the Actual thing that holds the ink. I was able to get it in maybe 1-2 cm. It doesnt go inside any further.

Be honest with me. Do I need circumcision to fix this. I mean I could only get the thing into the head of my penis so much. How the heck am i suppose to stetch with such a small utensil. Sorry but im slightly frustrated. I dont want to be circumsized but I dont want to do things that wont lead to me actually getting anywhere.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

No, you don't

January 15 2007, 7:31 PM 

While you'll have some work ahead of you, you can do it if you persist. Set your goal and accept nothing less than success.

Here's an exercise you might start with:

This will condition the tight ring a little bit. After doing that, try the pen cylinder again. Use plenty of lube and be gentle but also persitant in your effort to relax that little muscle.

(no login)

Slight Update

January 16 2007, 6:10 PM 

So anyhow some success today... I think atleast. I actually got the pen ink holder thingy to actually go INSIDE the foreskin, and like I said yesterday it wouldnt actually go in.

Anyhow As i pulled it out theres freaking ink all over. Freaked the **** out of me since obviously i cant clean under my foreskin. I was at the sink washing for 10 mins, trying to squeeze whatever ink I could out, and then i went to pee and some more came out as well. I think I cleaned it. Any other precautions i should take?

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Progress is progress

January 16 2007, 9:40 PM 

Ink is pretty impressive - but harmless. This is why I suggested the tapered barrel of the pen instead, with of course the ink refill removed. And I wish to reiterate that using lubrication is essential to the process.

Nevertheless, your present task is to develop the skill to "plumb" the channel through the foreskin and get things through there easily, so it seems if you are in whatever manner "getting the idea of" doing that, you are going just fine.

The picture above is very useful in two ways. Firstly, it illustrates putting the foreskin "on the stretch" as you will need to do to get anything inside reliably. And as Jim suggests, it will help the foreskin mobility as well.

But the second useful thing it illustrates, is the "corona" of the glans, showing through the foreskin. The important thing is that there should be a space under the foreskin extending back to that point, and you should actually (with utmost care because your glans will be extremely sensitive, and anything that is going to touch the glans needs to be well lubricated) be able to probe that space as far back as that line.

Probing (you really will need a blunt and smooth object as would properly be used by a surgeon to probe teh space) will allow you to define this space, verify that it is not obscured by adhesions (though the "balloon" trick if you were observing carefully, should demonstrate that more easily and it may help wash out the ink), and prepare to use the larger object to dilate it.

A plastic knitting needle comes to mind, especially since so many sizes - including very large ones - are available.

(no login)

Ok im using

January 17 2007, 5:14 PM 

Im now using the pen top long part. Like you know the cap of a pen? Im using that long part that hangs on the outside of ur shirt pocket. I was actually able to get that Inside the foreskin with some maneuvering.

Can i use petroleum jelly as lube? I live with my parents and dont really wanna hassle with hiding KY jelly around. I used petroleum jelly yesterday and it wore off fast so i reapplied 3 times. Im really hoping to get the ballpoint pen top thing to work hopefully within a month, so I can start doing some really strecthing. Im gonna be persistant!

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Your grandkids will love this story!

January 17 2007, 10:56 PM 

Fantastic Sam! I'm really excited by your last statement. With that attitude, you'll do it.

Yes, petroleum jelly is fine. That's exactly the lube of choice before KY was formulated.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Greasy Kid Stuff

January 18 2007, 2:58 AM 

I gather that you are referring to the clip that holds the pen in your pocket - I am a trifle alarmed, because I tend to think of metal clips, but if it is in fact a plastic clip, I daresay it is alright. Just don't lose it in there - you would still be able to get it out eventually, but I don't like to think about you panicking about it!

Petroleum jelly is OK, it is the basis for many ointments used in medicine and it is put as a dressing over skin grafts and such so it can't be too harmful. I personally am not too keen on it so I tend to suggest other things, but that's just me. You need to know that it rots rubber - which is why it must not be used with condoms, but that's not the point for the present.

I'm surprised that it "wore off" so quickly as it neither evaporates nor soaks into the skin to an appreciable extent, but I suppose you had managed to spread it around a fair distance. I daresay if it works, it works!

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