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the world's tightest foreskin - but do NOT want circumcision!

January 15 2007 at 11:05 PM
Axon1  (Login axon1)

I am 30 years old, with phimosis and with an extremely tight foreskin that does not retract at all. I don't generally have problems getting erect and most of the time sex (gay) is not painful. However, I have a problem with extremely delayed ejaculation - often times I have to masturbate to finish myself off after sex. My guess is that, although circumcised penises are supposed to be slightly less sensitive than uncircumcised ones, ones with phimosis are even less sensitive as the glans is completely unexposed during sex. Does this sound like a plausible explanation for my problem?

How to fix this problem? I do NOT want a full circumcision or a dorsal slit procedure. However, just reading of these stretching exercises makes me feel uncomfortable and faint!

From what I have read, I think I would be most keen on getting preputioplasty surgery (limited dorsal slit with transverse closure). But I have several questions...

1. Is preputioplasty only possible for a moderately tight foreskin? The opening in my foreskin is literally around 1 cm diameter. Perhaps this procedure would not work for something so extreme?

2. Although I am not keen on attempting them, is there a minimum size of opening with which it is possible to do stretching exercises? - for example, there's no way I could insert a finger, or even close.

3. I am from the UK but live in the USA. Is it likely that I will have problems being able to get a US doctor to recommend anything other than full circumcision? I have 3 weeks till my first appointment with the urologist.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Let's talk about this

January 16 2007, 8:18 PM 

Any time you have a knife taken to you, there is risk. The best and most reliable method of treatment is stretching. It costs you nothing. There is no risk of complications. It causes no pain. It works. What's the hesitation really about?

If you're gay, you certainly are accustomed to handling penises, I presume, so why are you uneasy about handling your own? Would it be better if your partner were to administer the treatment? I'm serious.

We don't recommend any kind of surgery. Your original equipment will be just fine once your penile development catches up with your age. You see, you're just a late bloomer in that area. Nothing is really wrong; it's just late.

Since you're still alive and well, it can reasonably be assumed that you can pee. If the pee gets through that hole, you can manage to get something in there to make the hole bigger. In a previous thread, it was suggested that the plastic barrel of a ball point pen be used. Since they are tapered, you could get a few days out of the same device. Lube it up and gently insert it to the point just shy of discomfort. Leave it there as the muscle relaxes. Do it no fewer than twice per day try inserting it further each successive day.

The number one rule is don't let it hurt. You're going to be amazed at how quickly you'll get results if you're faithful to the program. Just do it.

(Login axon1)

Re: Let's talk about this

January 16 2007, 11:44 PM 

Thanks for your advice Jim. I have MANY questions for you, firstly about the stretching exercises and then about other options...

stretching exercises

1. Firstly, where can I find these exercises?
2. Is it not the case that my foreskin is SO tight that these exercises would either not work or would not be sufficient on their own? I think I would be struggling even to get a ballpoint pen top in there. In my wildest dreams, I can't even imagine the foreskin being able to retract fully. I think my case is pretty severe.
3. Even if it is possible, I wonder just how much time and effort this would require. My life is just SO busy. Up early in the morning, 45 min commute to work, work a long day, head to the gym afterwards if i have energy, drive home, dinner sometimes as late as 10 at night, straight to bed afterwards and then up early the next morning and repeat. How much time would be needed per day?
4. Also how long might it take for results to appear? More importantly how long would it take for results to be COMPLETE - in other words for me to be able to retract my foreskin fully over the glans? Weeks, months, or years? Obviously I don't want any unnecessary surgery, but I do want to get on with my life, and surely any surgical procedure would get it all over with in a matter of weeks?
5. OK perhaps I am a wimp but after I saw a photo of the glansie and almost fainted dead away. It looks like some kind of mediaevel torture instrument! I wouldn't ask a partner to administer the treatment; that would be above and beyond the call of duty. I guess a ballpoint pen top is less intimidating than the glansie - perhaps I will have a go.


1. As I mentioned before, I am totally against getting a full circumcision. But surely preputioplasty would offer all the benefits of surgery (quick and easy results), without the disadvantages of full circumcision?
2. If I got this done, is it not the case that my penis would look and function pretty much like a normal uncircumcised penis? I would still have my foreskin, thus preserving sensitivity and keeping other benefits, but it would be able to retract properly.
3. I can tell that you're pretty down on the whole circumcision thing, but would you not agree that preputioplasty is the lesser of the two evils? Are there ANY disadvantages to it or problems resulting from it?


(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Have you read some of the other threads?

January 17 2007, 10:52 PM 

The several pages here are a living "how-to" book for fixing foreskins. Make use of them.

As previously stated, you may have to start with a device such as a ball point pen barrel. After you have some progress and can insert your fingers, do something like this:

We have no known failures, so there is reason to believe you wouldn't fail either IF you do the work. You have the same number of hours as every other person on earth, so quit the excuses. Do you use the toilet? Make use of the time.

There is no way to predict how long it's going to take, but I can tell you that it's one day longer than yesterday.

There is no benefit at all in surgery on a healthy penis. Don't kid yourself into believing things like that.

I'm not getting this. You claim queeziness over a picture of a benign instrument, yet you would consider having someone take a knife to your penis, causing bleeding, pain, bruising and swelling. The latter makes me queezy just thinking about it happening to YOUR penis. How does this affect you? Is this idea exciting to you? What is your real motivation here?

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Oh Puhleeeeze!

January 16 2007, 10:58 PM 

Well now.
  1. Preputioplasty is possible for all sorts of tight foreskin, but what you would need is a surgeon competent in the procedure. That may be a tall order.

  2. One centimetre is a quite big opening compared to the other fellow we are advising here, certainly far more than enough to pee through properly without the slightest trouble. At about 1.5 cm, the tip of your little finger is only a little larger and being quite soft (and presuming your nail is well trimmed and smooth) should make an excellent object for initial stretching.

    If you have been reading my recent posts you should understand that in order to get it in you have first to pull the foreskin away from your body and "put it on the stretch" and you will require some form of effective lubrication.

  3. Yes, if you see an American doctor, you will have problems being able to get him to recommend anything other than full circumcision. If you see a "urologist" - who is a surgeon by trade - you are virtually certain to be "sold" a circumcision, whatever his initial spiel.

    If you are going to see a "urologist", then that is what you are asking for. We have heard of people being offered a "preputioplasty" only to find afterward - "sorry, it was too badly affected, we had to do a full circumcision".
Yes, it is entirely plausible that you are less sensitive with this degree of phimosis. If I may presume that you are referring to anal intercourse, then it may also be true that as you penetrate beyond the sphincter, you are to a degree thrusting into a "void" - the sphincter is the only tight part and therefore the only part that tends to move the foreskin over the glans.

Mind you, the same is true for vaginal intercourse, particularly after childbirth when the muscles are weakened, and true for when wearing a condom (as no doubt you should in any case) and being circumcised certainly does not make things better either!

Like Jim, I wonder why you might be so squeamish? And equally seriously, having your partner manage the stretching is always a superb idea (though as the "exercises" tend to be easier without an erection, there can be difficulties ...).

Keep reading on the various threads.

(Login axon1)

Re: Oh Puhleeeeze!

January 18 2007, 11:26 PM 

Thanks both of you for your considered responses.

I think I will attempt the stretching exercises. I have 2-3 weeks before my appointment wth the urologist, so perhaps this might be a reasonable length of time to see if they even start to make a slight improvement. What do you reckon - if I try this twice a day, every day might I start to see even a small difference?

If I do see even a minor change I will see the urologist to discuss the issue but almost certainly defer or reject any surgical procedure. If after a while, I make no headway whatsoever, I guess I would probably still consider preputioplasty - and fly back to the UK to get it done if I could not find a suitable surgeon over here. But this is still a last resort.

I do wonder how easy this might be though. I've had a quick (but by no means exhaustive) look through the scientific literature today and found several papers which report very positively on the results to be had from steroid cream and stretching... HOWEVER.... they all referred to children and young adolescents, not adults. Anyway, I'll give it a go. I have one practical question, do you know if the betamethasone can be bought over the counter from the pharmacist or is a prescription normally required?

Just one last question to Jim:

What exactly are you trying to suggest when you write: "How does this affect you? Is this idea exciting to you? What is your real motivation here?"

I'm not really sure what you're getting at. Perhaps you would explain.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

I was just reading between the lines

January 19 2007, 7:48 PM 

You seem overeager to see the doctor. I'm not quite getting this. What's the hurry? This didn't just happen overnight, so why not take time to resolve it?

On other sites, we encounter men who worship the the denuded penis. All of their contributions are focused upon circumcision and its results. They "get off" on it. I'm just probing to see if there's an underlying reason for your apparent desire for swift resolution.

If you don't detect such a need within yourself, I suggest that you slow down and work this out yourself. My recommendation is to cancel any appointments. While you may have difficulty in scheduling, this isn't really a life or death matter, so waiting for another appointment, if you choose, shouldn't cause any harm. So far in life, you've really been fine as you are, haven't you?

My further suggestion is that you embrace success. Don't set out on this project with any thoughts of failure. The truth is that skin stretches when tension is applied, and it will grow. Even scars grow as evidenced by the scars on full grown men circumcised at birth. Only the presence of certain infections prevent stretching, but they are fairly easily resolved, so the excuse of not being able to do it would be falsely claimed. Only failure to do the exercises leads to inability to expand the opening.

Please understand that Paul and I are your allies in this endeavor. I tend to approach this subject holistically, not just focusing upon the foreskin problems. For both of us, your overall success is the goal. I'm sorry if I came on sounding too strong, but in cyberspace, bedside manner is not something easily interpreted.

This message has been edited by jimsplacetofixthings on Jan 19, 2007 7:52 PM

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Cutting it fine

January 19 2007, 12:23 PM 

Well of course, it is in the final analysis up to you - we can't force you to do anything, though if you see a urologist in person he might manage to be very persuasive and once he has you "on the table", you are totally at his mercy (because once he starts cutting, you have to let him "finish the job"). My assessment is that if a specialist (no matter what country) shows the slightest hesitation or lack of enthusiasm whatsoever about the concept of "preputioplasty", it indicates he is not going to perform one, but rather, a full circumcision.

As to the form of preputioplasty, a "limited dorsal slit with transverse closure" is probably inappropriate; a procedure that is more suited to elderly men for the sole purpose of making it possible to retract - when necessary - but falling far short of full functionality.

I have come to realise that someone like yourself who has been unable to retract ever, or at least since childhood, is virtually certain to have a short frænulum (the term "frænulum breve" is singularly beloved of the circumcision enthusiasts as a justification for at least some form of surgery) which means that the underneath of your foreskin is going to be "tied" to the glans under the urethra, so that even if you can retract the top part, it will be asymmetrical and you would be disappointed with the degree of retraction - and therefore almost certain to conclude that you needed further surgery!.

Now of course, we do not think you need surgery in the first place - we would rather you performed the "exercise" illustrated by Jim's "favourite picture" here, which is of all the "exercises", by far the easiest to perform as it is no more than a variant of the "fiddling with yourself" you can perform anywhere in relative privacy without opening or removing your trousers.

If you were to have surgery for this, then what you would want would be a multi-point preputioplasty where the "slits" - five or six - are performed evenly around the periphery of the tight foreskin, and the same approach is applied to lengthen the frænulum so that the skin will retract as far underneath, as at the top of the glans. This would indeed give an acceptable cosmetic result, presumably achieve an acceptable functional result (though you are necessarily generating a significant amount of scar tissue) and have a somewhat shorter recovery time than a full or "minimal" (often deceptively referred to as a "partial") circumcision. Each "slit"is necessarily much smaller than a single dorsal slit and will therefore heal better and with less discomfort in itself.

The "downsides" however are that it would still have a recovery time of some weeks at the least, which you could have otherwise spent achieving stretching, it still involves the risk of infection and - you will still have to do some stretching to ensure you achieve retraction and that the resultant scarring does not contract and reduce or negate the benefit.

I dislike the concept of deadlines - "I have two or three weeks to see the urologist, I'll see if it works in the meantime" - but that's your prerogative. I have modest confidence you will see a difference in the meantime, but would far rather hear that you had begun the stretching exercises yesterday or the day(s) before and were seriously considering cancelling the appointment whose outcome is pre-ordained.

Perhaps that is why Jim adopts a somewhat cynical tone. I think he is clearly challenging your purported squeamishness to perform simple manipulations on your penis, or to use something that resembles a surgical instrument that should not however mar the skin, contrasted with an apparent glib readiness to submit to actual cutting and stitching with its attendant guaranteed discomfort (described in vivid and extensive detail on "certain" other discussion sites) and risks. Especially since you appear to realise yourself, how unsympathetic American "urologists" in particular are, to take responsibility for optimising your sexual function.

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