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Q's abt Sex After Circumcision!!

January 31 2007 at 6:08 AM
Robbie India  (no login)

Well Paul B refered me this forum. Thanks a lot buddy. Well to start with I got circumcised about a month back. Reason being I had a tough time penetrating my gf Only the gland would go in. I though may be my frenulum was too tight so i went to the doctor for frenuloplasty. My frenulum was tight and he suggested circumcision. Just Imagine how stupid is that. he gave the reson cancer protection. blah blah blah. So I got it done and it is now that i came to know what i have lost. That is very sad for me.

But i would have still been satisfied if problem would have been cured the problem is still there i tried having sex with my gf few days back and again only the gland is penetrating???? What the hell is wrong with me.

Below are few pics:
It kinda gets stuck after initial gland goes in. As you can see my skin doesnt blend with the penis after erection. Is it normal???

First one is when it is not erect and rest are when it is erect

note: Some how the links to the pics are not being displayed so i request you to right click on the thumbnails> click properties> copy the url and past it.
Thankyou so much..

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Unfortunate deception

January 31 2007, 2:18 PM 

Hello Robbie.

Well, kudos to you for figuring out my suggestion as to how to post pictures to this site. Somewhat unfortunately, you picked an "obfuscated" image site which is designed with the intent to prevent people from taking copies of the pictures themselves, which has then made it difficult to post them here. That's the way the Internet works these days!

Now as far as your pictures go, this is a "stock-standard" circumcision, exactly the result that is intended from a circumcision. To the extent that we can see underneath in these pictures, your fr├Žnulum has indeed been completely removed.

The pictures demonstrate (from right to left) your glans, the "corona" at the rear edge of the glans, the "sulcus" or "groove" behind the glans where you can see the join between the (pale) inside surface of the original foreskin, and the darker penile shaft skin.

There is now only one layer of skin covering your shaft and when you get an erection, that stretches to cover it; there is nothing otherwise covering any part, nothing to be retracted, "what you see is what you get" as it were. Can you explain what part from the above description you perceive might be causing a problem?

As to your current description of difficulty entering your girlfriend, well, clearly this has noting to do with your penis nor could it ever, but is a mechanical difficulty more on her part than yours. It sounds like "vaginismus", involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles due to anxiety about intercourse which may have many possible contributing causes, including concern about getting pregnant and cultural traditions that intercourse is expected to be painful for women, either on the first occasion, or in general.

Or she may simply have a tight hymen, something which sometimes leads women (rather than men) to visit doctors seeking "surgical" treatment. Again, this is mostly inappropriate or unnecessary, since such things can - with competent advice - be sorted out by the couple alone.

And of course, it is up to you to figure this out if you have not already done so. The question is - how easy is it for you to get one, then two of your fingers fully into her vagina? What resistance do you encounter when doing this? Are you aware of how lubricated ("wet") she is - or was - when you have tried to enter her? This would seem to be the next (or more correctly, first) step in your enquiry.

Robbie India
(no login)

Re: Unfortunate deception

February 2 2007, 10:27 AM 

Thankyou so much. My main problem has just been about penetration. Right now i can only say there has been quite a lot of resistance from her whenever I tried to enter my finger. Sex is new to both of us so may be that is what is causing problem. Anyways. Your explanation to the problem I must say is quite impressive. Well now I will take a note of advice you have given me and will reply her after some tme.Thank you.

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