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Stretching exercise

September 27 2007 at 7:26 AM
Rich  (no login)

Hi guys

Thanks very much for this incredibly helpful site. I have a question about stretching exercises. Like many others on the site, I find it difficult to make a lot of time for these. So I was wondering how effective it would be to retract the foreskin as far as possible (maybe even over the glans, though that's still painful for me if an erection then ensues) and leave it that way for as long as possible - the advantage being that you can get on with other stuff while the foreskin is already in stretch mode. Will this do the trick, or do I have to make time for regular two-fingered stretching exercises?



(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Bite the bullet

September 27 2007, 10:29 AM 

It sounds as if you have a great deal of flexibility already, so it shouldn't take very long to finish the job. We're talking about taking five to ten minutes in the morning and five to ten at night. That isn't a whole lot, is it?

Your idea is really quite sound, about keeping tension on the tight part for extended periods, but I'm afraid you won't get enough resistance. The soft tissue of the glans isn't quite the same as applying tension with your finger or with a hard device left in place.

Could you devise something to insert? You didn't state how much room you have, so I really can't imagine what might fit. For really tight opening, the tapered cap from ball point pens can be used as a starter. I think you probably need something larger.

If you decide to try something like that, be sure it is completely smooth so no damage is done to the soft tissue. You can also use a small amount of lubrication if necessary as well as some tape to keep it secured. Check things regularly to catch any problems such as irritation or pressure sores.

Perhaps, you could describe your condition in detail so we can better serve you.

(no login)

When to stop exercising?

September 28 2007, 6:33 AM 

Thanks for that Jim. As for my condition, over the last three months I've gone from not being able to retract at all to being able to retract completely over the glans, albeit with the help of a lot of lubrication (and some pain if I then get an erection).

One more question: at what point will I know that the task is complete and that I don't need to continue exercising? When I can retract the foreskin over the glans without any additional lubrication? Or when I can retract the foreskin over the glans during an erection without any pain? Or both?

Many thanks again.


(no login)

Not exactly predictible

September 28 2007, 9:36 PM 

When retract is comfortable, you'll know. At that point, we advise that you continue exercises for another month to ensure cell growth. Also, adopt a habit of retracting each time you urinate. This keeps the foreskin in working order. Lubrication won't be necessary.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Just mentioning it again ...

September 29 2007, 1:58 PM 

And the obligatory warning. You may well find the stretching progress quite rapid at first, then to slow down substantially. Do not be disconcerted by this, it merely relates to the way the skin grows and responds to stretching, given persistence - that is, keep on with the frequent stretching, it will respond to whatever degree you wish - and you will have to stretch a month or so beyond the desired point of comfort for this same reason, in order to avoid it "shrinking back".

People who fail to do this, may become unnecessarily anxious that stretching has "failed" or is "not permanent" when it is simply the skin behaving in the manner you need it to.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

A matter of scale

September 27 2007, 1:48 PM 

By way of example - it may or may not be the most accessible and appropriate, the fellow on this thread used the plastic bands that people put on birds (legs) to identify them.

He had a problem using one that had a bit of moulding "flash" projecting from it, but having sorted that out, seems to have been successful.

Other than that of course, I have to point out the same as Jim - the pressure exerted by the flaccid glans/ shaft in terms of stretching, is pretty much negligible and would have a very slow effect. The only times it would really be of benefit - would in fact be those when you did get an erection.

On the other hand, we suspect that even a few minutes a day of firm pressure (with the two fingers) is better than nothing.

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