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November 12 2007 at 5:36 AM
Sens  (no login)

Hi, I am a 18 yr old and only recently I found out that I have to pull back my foreskin to wash the head. At first I couldn't pull back at all but after much effort, I manage to pull it back but the head is EXTREMELY sensitive. I dun even dare to touch it as i accidently touch it once before, it felt like the head's skin is very thin and it may burst anytime. Any advise?

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Keep working on it

November 12 2007, 8:18 AM 

Continue working on retracting the skin. If you need to stretch the opening to make retraction easier, do it. Develop the habit of retracting each time you pee so that the skin will remain loose enough for easy retraction.

As you do this, the head will eventually condition to touch. While it will remain sensitive, the pain should subside considerably with time. Most guys your age who have been retracting since their early years don't experinence the same sensations which you do, so to catch up, you need time.

The thin covering is a benefit to sexual enjoyment, and it won't burst.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

What on earth happened?

November 12 2007, 12:31 PM 

Have you read back through the postings here to find the explanation of your situation (and many other things which you probably didn't realise)? You really should.

Certainly, you do want your foreskin to operate properly, to pull back and move freely during sexual intercourse - which I presume from your observations, you have not experienced yet though you certainly might have - whilst it is probably nicer if it does so, it is certainly not essential for it to do so, for you to have intercourse.

And of course, you already know that it is not at all necessary - in fact, it could almost be a disadvantage - for you to have your foreskin pull back to masturbate with perfect satisfaction.

The big question is - given that you are 18, that you have been masturbating for some six years or so, why is it suddenly necessary now that you "have to pull back my foreskin to wash the head"? That's what puzzles me. What is it that happened? I'm really curious about this!

(Login res2dent)

Re: What on earth happened?

December 13 2007, 5:12 AM 

Because I heard that if don't wash, very unhygenic.

jimbo diamond
(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)


December 13 2007, 3:23 PM 

Well, has it caused any trouble thus far?

What causes more problems with foreskins than probably anything else is soap! Soap washes away the natural friendly bacteria which protect the inside from infections.

I wouldn't worry too much about the myths of penile hygiene. If you are currently keeping the outside clean, the inside will take care of itself.

However, you probably will enjoy having a foreskin which retracts and allows full interaction of the various nerves that impart good feelings.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

So you "heard"?

December 17 2007, 2:15 AM 

So you say you "heard" this?

Now the question is, where did you hear this? From whom? Were they a reputable source - in other words, were they someone who would actually know what they were talking about?

This is a very important question.

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