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Perhaps a problem?

April 10 2009 at 12:37 PM
Kip  (Login ThatKoohGuy)

Hello, i'm Kip! I am 18 years old and have an uncut "retractable" penis...
...when flaccid, my penis sits entirely inside my body with only my overhang showing, when erect i'm about 6 inches with about 1 inch of overhang...
I can retract my foreskin (when flaccid) with no problems but it doesn't stay retracted because my penis automatically wants to shy away inside my body. Is there anything i can do to help my penis stay outside of my body both when retracted and not? Now, when erect, i can retract just to the bottom of the glands before it starts hurting and i quickly have to push the foreskin back over the glands. I'm guessing the stretching will help this, correct?

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Shy little guy

April 10 2009, 2:27 PM 

About the tightness, yes, stretching to encourage cell growth till help the retraction problem with erections.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)


April 12 2009, 11:27 PM 

Now of course, implementing the two modes of stretching (widening the foreskin opening, stretching the fr├Žnulum) we describe here will sort out the tight foreskin; if you can retract over your flaccid glans with ease, then you should at least be able to get two little fingers in through the foreskin opening to pull them outward.

The other matter, having a concealed penis, constitutes no problem whatsoever. More than that, I have every reason to conclude that it is a highly favourable indicator of fitness/ health. You are what is colloquially called a "grow-er" (as against a "show-er"). It means that you have more elastic tissue in your penis, causing it to "spring back" when not erect, though as you note, there is nothing deficient about your erection.

Elastic tissue is important to the health of many parts of the body, particularly skin, blood vessels, tendons and joints. Lacking it increases wear and tear on the joints, allows the arteries to fail prematurely causing "strokes" and aneurysms, and is the reason why people develop wrinkles as they age. If this holds true for your penis, you are less likely to suffer major disease or to age as dramatically as your peers. Unless you are stupid enough to smoke, of course (have you ever noticed how old smokers look?).

Most animals actually have a concealed penis, sometimes within the body or alternately within a sheath - literally a foreskin secured against their abdomen. One could say you are in "good company". happy.gif You might even wonder in "evolutionary" terms why the human penis is so obvious anyway as it waves in the breeze? In various ancient societies (where nudity as such was quite acceptable) it was considered vulgar for the glans to be exposed but the "minimised" penis was perfectly propitious, and a kynodesme might be worn not only to restrict its movement, but to "shrink" it somewhat - as suggested by the artwork of the times.

With all this in mind, I tend to think of a "hide-and-seek" penis as a rather elegant arrangement in fact and I should be surprised (or frankly quite disturbed) if the ladies did not find it so. wink.gif

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