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Scarred band?

April 15 2009 at 3:31 PM
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Hi guys,

I believe I have a mild tightness of the foreskin, in which I can fully retract when flaccid, but I cannot do the same when erect. The glans is partially revealed and then the tight ring stops it from retracting any further. I have been using a product called the Glansie for a couple of weeks to try stretching, but I don't see any progress at all. It's the same tightness since I started the stretching procedure.

Could it be perhaps that my band is scarred? Otherwise, would betamethasone treatment help in stretching?

Many thanks,


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Try our basic instructions

April 15 2009, 5:27 PM 

I would abandon the Glansie and use fingers. The Glansie is limited in its scope, but you fingers are not. Betamethasone does facilitate the tugging process, but it is not absolutely necessary. You'll still have to use tension, even with the preparation.

Scarring is probably not the problem. Yeast is a possibility however. Have you ever been able to retract?


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Re: Try our basic instructions

April 16 2009, 2:57 AM 

No, I've never been able to retract fully when erect. I can retract when fully flaccid, though.

Paul B.
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So do tell us ...

April 16 2009, 5:12 AM 

OK, well what did you think of the previous discussion on this forum about the "glansie"? For that matter, what did you think of the discussion on the GFS also?

And yes, it would be interesting to at least know how old you are, when you first noticed this tightness, and whether you perceive any actual problem, particularly with masturbation or intercourse?


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Re: So do tell us ...

April 16 2009, 7:59 AM 

I didn't know about this GFS product and would of perhaps tried it out as opposed to the Glansie, which I have already wasted money on.

The type of Glansie I have is the one that has the holder, so I put it on the notch that allows as far as the band will stretch. However, the pain is absolutely searing, as it seems the metal ends are digging into the sides of my foreskin, but I just endure the pain until it goes away (which it does).

I am 21 years old and I first noticed this tightness when I was 17? I can't really remember. There is no problem with intercourse or masturbation, but I find it embarrassing that I can't receive oral sex because of being unable to retract fully when erect. I feel "dysfunctional".

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The problem with Glansie

April 16 2009, 4:34 PM 

With such a little piece actually touching the skin, much pressure is put upon that contact area, so that's why you're experiencing pain. Your fingers will do a much better job in spreading out the pressure.

If you're not having problems with intercourse or masturbation, oral sex should pose no problems either.


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Jumping to conclusions

April 16 2009, 9:46 PM 

OK, you will of course notice that there is an "overlap" of postings due to the necessity for Jim to approve each (but that is the most effective way to ensure we do not get spammed - hey Jim, how may spam posts do you reject on this forum, anyway? It would be interesting to know). So I may ask things that you have already answered and vice versa.

As you will see from my previous comments, if you can retract whilst flaccid, the "glansie" is most inappropriate; the GFS on the other hand, is appropriate - a pity you did not investigate the matter here before purchasing it. sad.gif

If you are going to use the Glansie, then you need to use (the larger sort of) snubs (sometimes called "shods") to make the tips of the device much broader - and blunter so that as Jim says, it is not bearing on too small an area.

As regards oral sex, the inability to retract does not by any means preclude this. It is a not unreasonable expectation that you might rinse under your foreskin beforehand (just as you would presumably expect your ladyfriend to rinse her vulva before you offered her the same), but other than that, your foreskin is just as likely to provide the important advantage of protecting you from teeth! happy.gif As I recently pointed out, oral sex for a man is not necessarily "what it's cracked up to be" and if you expect it to be greatly improved when you can retract fully, you might be somewhat surprised.

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April 17 2009, 7:38 AM 

Lately, there has been just one case in which I did not approve a post. However, requiring approvals does keep those who would try it from doing so, and I'm quite sure they would.


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Or to clarify,

April 16 2009, 2:26 PM 

... when you first discovered that you could retract at all, what you thought it was supposed to do, whether you had anyone to compare with or what information you had at that time, and all the events that have led you here?


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April 17 2009, 2:44 AM 

.. I realised that my penis wasn't functioning normally, as I have been able to compare (I'm gay).

I actually find it more embarrassing being with uncut guys where they function fine, but not myself. Functioning in the sense that the foreskin is FULLY retractable in it's erect state. I was led here after much researching (I got this link somewhere from norm-uk.org)

Not to be rude but, do you not think that there is a problem with my foreskin?

I appreciate all of the replies you have all given me.


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Something wrong?

April 17 2009, 7:40 AM 

Let's say it is not functioning fully as designed. Ideally, the foreskin should retract at any given time. Practically, it is not necessary for a life of sexual fulfillment. Realistically, I believe you'll be a lot happier when it does.

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Re: Something wrong?

April 17 2009, 3:12 PM 

Yes, you're right. I do believe I would feel more happier if I could just retract it as normal.


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April 17 2009, 3:03 PM 

Do we think that there is a problem with your foreskin? Well, yes, you obviously have a problem, but whether it is a bad problem - well, it doesn't prevent you from having (pleasurable) sex, of itself it has no health implications, it is remediable insofar as you should be well on your way to overcoming it (permanently) simply using the "two fingers inside" and possibly the frænulum stretch for good measure.

I would not see it as a great problem; you could be worse off, for example if you had been circumcised! sad.gif

{Thanks for the comment on the spam, Jim, I am sure you are quite correct!}


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Re: Problems?

April 19 2009, 9:29 AM 

True. I'd rather have the foreskin I have now than be circumcised! Thanks for all your input and advice guys.

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