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BIG Problems

February 21 2010 at 2:44 PM
Tony  (no login)

I have a variety of problems and questions I am 20 years old;

1. When my foreskin is flaccid I can retract all the way to the base with no problem at all, however when its erect it becomes tight and although I can retract past the head this is not a smooth gliding motion and it is uncomfortable at times. During masturbation I do not really retract but instead rub forward and just pull back as far as possible. - Is there anything I can do to help this?

2. The head of the penis feels extremely sensitive... and yes I understand that its supposed to be sensitive, but it feels a little too sensitive especially when erect. On one occasion a girl retracted when I was erect and touched the head and it felt like agony. Is there anything which can be done to make the sensitivity more tolerable? Again, I understand that sensitivity is suppose to be desirable (to an extent) but this pain feels unbearable.

3. During sex when I put a condom on with the erect penis retracted but the foreskin felt too tight under the head of the penis. I then even attempted to roll the foreskin forward with the condom but I couldn't feel a thing. This is my most major concern. This may seem like a silly question but if you are uncircumcised, is it best to roll the foreskin back and then put the condom on ? Or is the gliding action achievable with the condom on and the foreskin rolled forward?

I really need help please. It would seem as though circumcision is the only way forward.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Backwards, not forward

February 21 2010, 7:19 PM 

Circumcision is not your answer, nor is it for any other man. Let's work with what you have.

If you're having discomfort retracting with erections, there is one explanation. Your foreskin is too tight too allow easy retraction. Since you can retract quite well back while flaccid, you probably don't have frenulum issues. Work on the opening.

I think that once you've expanded the opening slightly, you'll find the sensitivity situation somewhat resolve. While touching it may still present some issues, the problems while wearing a condom should improve. To answer your question, I believe in your present state that you woudl not experience gliding while using a condom. If you improve the retraction process, gliding will probably occur. Retracting while putting on the condom and then pulling the foreskin forward while continuing to roll the condom all the way down will allow room for gliding. Make sense?

Where are you located Tony?

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

You really must be joking!

February 21 2010, 10:06 PM 

I worry about posts like this - I really worry! Anyone who says "It would seem as though circumcision is the only way forward" or some such similar thing clearly has simply no idea whatsoever what circumcision means!

Do you not comprehend that "circumcision" actually means cutting off no less than a half, and more usually, two-thirds of the skin from the penis? How could you you bring yourself to believe that such a mutilation could "cure" some problem you perceive you are having with your penis (or indeed, anyone else's)? Surely you must have a substantial educational and/ or cognitive deficit if you can imagine this, must you not?

So you are saying to us that your glans (penis head) is sensitive when not covered by your foreskin, eh? It would seem you have either not read, or certainly not understood, my clear point that if you were taking notice of what sort of things the girl finds pleasurable instead of simply your own amusement, you would by now know firstly that this description of being too painful to touch applies precisely to her clitoris unless - as has been written here and repeated ad nauseam - it is adequately lubricated (and that most preferably achieved by her becoming sufficiently "wet").

It is absurd to claim your glans to be excessively sensitive when it is clearly perfectly comfortable - dry or not - when covered by your foreskin - as evidenced by your ability to masturbate enjoyably. Clearly there is something about being covered by your foreskin that ensures perfect comfort and that is nothing more nor less than the absence of (or in fact, close control of) friction - it is telling you that you have to treat it in a certain way; generally one that mimics a lubricated vagina (not that there is any hurry to actually implement this wink.gif).

And if you think this sensitivity makes things tricky now, can you not comprehend how much worse it would be if you had a circumcision and the glans was no longer protected by the foreskin and in constant contact with dry, adherent clothing? How could you ever imagine that to be an "advantage"?

Clearly what you presently do in masturbation is perfectly pleasurable and in fact, the ability to use the pressure of the foreskin as you "just pull back as far as possible" is a great source of pleasure to intact men and envy to the circumcised.

And clearly, you need to do the stretching. If the sensitivity of the glans happens to be a concern whilst doing this, a touch of lubricant (only) on the parts of the fingers that touch it whilst stretching, will solve that matter.

As for use of a condom, you must surely understand that the mechanics of intercourse with a condom will always be different to those in the (distant) future when it is appropriate not to use one. Instructions regarding condom use are generally provided by circumcised men (as often as not, in America, and apologies to Jim's suggestions) who have no actual idea of what happens with a foreskin. Essentially, the advice is "don't fiddle"! You just get an erection, forget whatever the foreskin does as you get the erection, put on the condom and (given that your young lady's vulva is wet and slippery to touch, and possibly with some artificial lubricant added to the outside of the condom) you proceed accordingly. If your foreskin was retracted to put the condom on, you would probably have wanted to add just a touch of lubricant to your glans first as I have explained above though most likely your own "pre-come" will, trapped inside the condom, provide perfectly adequate lubrication, the more so as things progress.

Hmm, have I forgotten anything?

(no login)

Re: You really must be joking!

February 24 2010, 2:46 PM 

Firstly, the reason why circumcision is so appealing is that it forces the body to deal with sensitivity and will nullify the effect of the tight foreskin.

Secondly, I understand that sensitivity is desirable as stated in my original message. I also understand that it is sensitive for a reason. However I believe that once the sensitivity is so uncomfortable that sex becomes unbearable, then it becomes a problem. It feels very sensitive to touch, therefore imagining how it would feel during a thrusting motion during sex is somewhat frightening.

Thirdly, when I last attempted sex (which was a while ago ) I rolled on a condom with the foreskin retracted I couldnt really feel a thing but could hardly feel a thing. I then retracted and rolled the condom on as instructed by the manufacturers and it felt really tight and uncomfortable. I fear that the last potential option is to have unprotected sex with a the foreskin rolled forward as this would mimic: the way I presently masturbate. Of course this option is not really an option for the obvious reasons.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

We don't kid around here

February 24 2010, 3:54 PM 

When we say there are NO benefits to circumcision, we could not be more sincere. If you wish to believe something else, that is certainly your privilege, but it is not the truth.

There are currently available large headed condoms which may serve you better. One such is called Pleasure Plus. They allow significant movement within.

One possible explanation for painful sensitivity is the presence of yeast. You might consider treating for that.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

You are still ignoring the point!

February 24 2010, 7:59 PM 

If circumcision "forces the body to deal with sensitivity", then you could just as easily "deal" with it right now. So the suggestion of circumcision makes no sense.

Again, you have ignored my explanation of what lubrication means.

And whilst your third paragraph is somewhat garbled, it suggests to me that you are actually admitting that you are not too sensitive to put on a condom, but that you had again at that point not understood the need for lubrication. The condom will be no "tighter" with your foreskin retracted (less so, in fact) and if your glans is comfortable with the foreskin over it, then it can be just as comfortable with a lubricated condom covering it.

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