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Frenuloplasty recommended

March 3 2010 at 1:28 PM
AnubisUK  (Login AnubisUK)

Hi everyone,

First of I'd like to apologise. I started a thread on this forum here:


And haven't been able to reply on it for this time due to holidays etc.

I know you guys said to cancel the appointment, but I went ahead with it, just to see what was actually wrong, so that I could start working on it. According to the urologist, it's not so much phimosis, as the foreskin can stretch normally, but a tight frenulum (I've often thought my frenulum was odd, as when I pull my foreskin when flaccid it kind of goes to one side).

The urologist said a frenuloplasty was the best option, and has booked me in for March 18th. However! I'm sure I've seen on here before about how to stretch the frenulum without the need for surgery and wondered if you could give me the link required for that? I got some steroid cream (the long name beginning with B!) and I want to use the time between now and the 18th to stretch it and see if I see any improvement. Where do I apply the steroid cream when trying to stretch the frenulum?

Am I likely to see any improvement at all in the next 3 weeks? I ask because the frustration of not being able to have sex with my girlfriend is absolutely killing me, and the urologist said that having sex in my current position would likely tear the frenulum sad.gif

Any advice would be great, and apologies again for not replying to the last one. It won't happen this time, I assure you!

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How badly do you want this?

March 3 2010, 3:36 PM 

The time necessary to fix the problem is directly proportional to time put in to get it done. You need to be diligent and persistant. Deal?

The betamethasone should be applied very sparingtly to the frenulum itself. Rub it in completely until it disappears. We suggest application after your shower and exercise so none is washed off or rubbed off.

Here's what to do:

[linked image]

Do this often throughout the day, after each time you pee. Also do two or three sessions of five to ten minutes each, and do them each and every day.

In the time we have, you should see some improvement. An acquaintance of mine solved his problem in less than two weeks, but all guys are different. My personal opinion is that you should cancel the appointment and allow whatever time is necessary to get things in order.

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Re: How badly do you want this?

March 4 2010, 1:21 PM 

Thank you happy.gif

I've started the stretching tonight, and will do it at least 3 times a day, and see if there's any improvement. happy.gif

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Re: How badly do you want this?

March 9 2010, 12:01 PM 


Thanks so much for the tips, but to be honest, I'm thinking of going for the frenuloplasty. The stretching isn't making much diffrence, and I've noticed something else. My frenulum is actually off centre, and when I stretch it, then get an erection, it makes a massive bend in my penis, which is very unnerving!

I'll keep stretching, but I do think I'll be going for the op. However, I will continue to stretch the foreskin as instructed in another thread, as it could do with being looser still I think, and I don't believe I need a circumcision.

I'm going for a private consultation on this, to get another opinion on it.

Thanks for the help guys!

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