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Can these diy remedies obtain results at any time in your life ?

March 25 2010 at 7:28 AM
twzz  (Login twinkerzzz)


What a forum !

I've had tight foreskin opening / frenulum problems all my life but never really come across solutions like these until recently. I'm quite positive because my case doesnt sound as severe as some guys posting here.

My frenulum tore low down the shaft during sex about 10 years ago and though it was dramatic in terms of blood flow, it was quick & painless and in part solved the problem of an overly tight frenulum. The doctor i saw (see below) said there may have been a danger of the tare healing in an abnormal and detrimental way but on examination he could see no evidence of problems not even any scaring.

I'm just on the uncomfortable side of tight foreskin retraction whilst erect due to a tight opening. As i've got older i'm sure by penis has got bigger or something because i now dont bother retracting over the head at all when erect because it is way too uncomfortable. In my 20s and 30s, though tight, the act of sex often forced retraction over the head where though very tight just under the head lip it was just bearable.

I continue to enjoy a healthy sex life in the cusp of middle age, but i no longer retract my foreskin beyond 1/2 - 3/4 over the head today and would very much like to return to a full retraction during erection & to finally remove any uncomfortable sensations due to tightness of the foreskin opening under the lip of the head. I went to the doctor 18 months ago and he recommended the operation where they create a vertical slit on the underside of the foreskin and then stitch it up horizontally. He was adamant that stretching was a figment of wishful thinking and simply impossible as a solution.

I'm 44 - do you think the stretching exercises would work on a foreskin for someone of my age ?
A lot of the time the talk here seems aimed at young people (those in their teens and early 20s) Also the medical advice for these methods i've come across on the web seem to recommend the diy techniques as only suitable for boys under 12 yrs old.

Seems to me these types of problems have always existed - even before the internet - so there must be alot of males over 35 who have these kind of problems too. I'd like to believe foreskin stretching is the same as going to the gym & where your body can get pumped up - so too can the foreskin. But is this wishful thinking ?

What do you think ?

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

What do I think?

March 25 2010, 8:17 AM 

Well, tell me something. Have you gained any girth over the past five years? Do you know anyone your age who has? How did it happen?

Ever hear of foreskin restoration? www.foreskinrestore.com How does this work? Do you think your doctor would tell the man who runs that site that stretching doesn't work? Look at the pictures and tell me.

The only think which can stand in the way of success is usually a yeast infection. Otherwise, age should have very little effect upon your efforts.

(Login twinkerzzz)

starting some techniques at 44 - flesh tunnel query

March 25 2010, 9:05 AM 

1. im not sure if a mans penis continues to evolve in middle age. I wondered if my girth had gotten bigger because of the retraction issue becoming harder but i cent say i found out too much info. My penis looks different than it did when i was a younger man but i can't vouch that isn't just me . It's not so much about size but a maturation type-quality as with the rest of the body.

2. I wasn't sure about the doctor i saw which is why i didn't put myself up for the operation he offered. I'm none too keen on the idea either despite my desire to sort this out. The stuff on the web seems split 50/50 too re: stretching. It seems those who stretch say yes it works and those who don't say it doesn't. That usually translates as orthodox western medicine says no and everyone else says it could do - to it does do.

3. My main concern above was that most advice is aimed at the younger male and i am considering my options as a 44yr old. You seem to be confirming that it's worth taking up the advice in this forum regardless of age.

One last query - i've been reading all the threads on flesh tunnels which seems a good - complimentary to stretching - starting place.

I've checked out the silicone flesh tunnels in this link posted elsewhere :

I'm having difficulty finding or figuring out the mm gauge/size equation. Could anyone confirm:
1. Am i seeking a tunnel gauge/size based on the current width of my foreskin opening in mm when stretched to full size ?
2. Are the flesh tunnel gauge/size indicated in the link referring to the width of the flesh tunnel - i.e. not it's length but it's diameter minus the extending lip ? If so do i need to take into account the size of the lip - the extra mm implied by it - or does that at the outer end , always remain exterior of the foreskin opening when in place ?
3.Im abit confused about what is happening to the flesh tunnel lip at the inner end / which lies under the foreskin. Presumably it sits around the head of the penis in some way and it's this which might need any 'cutting' to accommodate any issues with irritable frenulum contact ?

Thanks for your advice


(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Of this I'm sure

March 25 2010, 7:06 PM 

If you attempt skin expansion, you'll succeed eventually. It depends upon your effort.

I know nothing of the sizing of skin tunnels. Perhaps you could visit a local tattoo parlor. Since these guys handle all parts of the body in their daily work, you can be open and frank with them. What you want is something which can be inserted yet somewhat taxes the opening. Also buy increasingly larger sizes.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

And speaking of the tattoo parlours ...

March 25 2010, 8:53 PM 

Stretching really is part of their business. That's exactly what some people (mostly men in my observation) do to their ear piercings, which is what these "flesh tunnels" are primarily for. You arguably should be able to decipher diameters and such as long as you can distinguish a diameter of a circle from the measurement of your foreskin stretched from point to point.

I think you may have missed Jim's subtle point. Stretching. Have you seen people who gain weight - often to a very substantial degree - in late "middle age"? Do they explode? Do they rip down the middle and burst? Clearly, and sensibly, they do no such thing - they simply stretch (that is to say, their skin does) to fit the extra bulk. Sure, they lose mobility, but that is more to do with the fat getting in the way of movement and the extra effort required simply to heft it around.

What is lost with age, is elasticity, the ability to "spring back" to a tighter fit. Older people - on this account - develop wrinkles. There are also specific skin diseases - that is to say, a very small number of people develop conditions where the skin spontaneously contracts with scar tissue, but there is nothing to suggest this is your particular problem.

Quite frankly, anyone who suggests that stretching "does not work" is clearly stupid - no two bones about it and I am not apologetic. And if they are a doctor, then they have an even bigger problem, as they are saying they are unfit for their profession as stretching is an everyday part of the practice of medicine and in particular, surgery (where you remove pieces of skin and pull it together in the expectation that it will stretch to fit the original area), "plastic" surgery, orthodontics (moving teeth around in "solid" bone), physiotherapy (stretching muscles, skin after surgery and softening scar tissue).

And on the "Web", when you see someone saying stretching "doesn't work", do look very closely at what else they are saying, check whether it makes any sense at all, and consider why they in particular would be saying that - what is it they are trying to "cover" for?

(Login twinkerzzz)

oh i see..... the subtle point....

March 26 2010, 6:49 AM 

Jim's subtle point ....I see what you mean .....kind of a jokey reference to middle age spreading.....not that i am spreading btw - though i take your interesting point re skin elasticity & stretching in later life.

Yes - i too wondered at the time about the Doctor being too adamant in his views....but there are many out there giving advice much like him...

I've decided to go with the routines flagged up in this forum over the next 18 months or so .....

one last thing....@ Paul B
you said above regarding flesh tunnels :
"as long as you can distinguish a diameter of a circle from the measurement of your foreskin stretched from point to point"

you mean ? - from the measurement of my foreskin OPENING stretched from point to point - ie the foreskin opening diameter .

I'm taking it that you do unless you say otherwise....

thanks again


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