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lichenification vs BXO vs Candida

April 28 2010 at 8:01 PM
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Hey Guys,

As a first note, this forum is a godsend.

I have a general question, Over the course of the last year I became increasingly sexually active and I noticed that my foreskin (which slightly tight manages to retract) was developing what looked like stretch marks or scar tissue. Ii wasn't really a problem and the issue was more cosmetic than anything. But on occasion I feel like Ill have a small skin split? Similar to a paper cut. But no bleeding. Sometimes it is difficult for me to find the exact location of the "split" other times I can feel it if I squeeze.

Having read parts of these forums, I am a bit confused as to what this could be. I don't think there was a way I could have gotten a yeast infection, and it does not seem to look like yest infection images I have found online. It is not circular like BXO. So I am sort of leaning to just stretch marks or natural splits?

That being said I might give something anti-fungal a shot just in case. Before I do, does anyone have any recommendations as to discerning between these conditions? and could there be negative side effects if I used an anti-fungal unnecessarily? Could it be another condition altogether?


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No side effects

April 28 2010, 9:00 PM 

Skin splits without warning usually indicate yeast, so I advise treating for it. Generally, there are no side effects from the topical treatments. If you are one of the rare cases in which there is a reaction, try another formulation.

The odds of something is else pretty slim.


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April 29 2010, 4:59 AM 

So I guess its off to the phramacy for some clotrimazole for me then...

I guess my follow up would be, this was probably gotten from someone I had sex with correct? It never really seemed severe enough for me to do anything about it. In fact it took me quite a while to notice it, and it hasn't been progressing.

Do I treat this like an STD and say "Hey, just in case you wanted to know, I think you gave me a yeast infection?

And is this something that will come back or do I keep it gone by just practicing safe sex?

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Safe sex

April 29 2010, 8:37 AM 

Most likely, your partner shared it with you. Using a condom will prevent it from recurring. Another common cause is the use of soap, causing removal of essential bacteria which keep Candida in check.


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A very mild STD.

April 29 2010, 2:48 PM 

It is the case that Candida - and a couple of other sometimes annoying bacteria - are very readily shared through having sex though since that is not by any means the only way they are spread, they fall outside the definition of a true STD (which is to say, one you will only contract by intimate, essentially sexual contact).

As such it is not totally true that a condom will prevent you from acquiring it, and even granted that you use condoms in the recommended fashion, donning before any oral or genital contact, sex can get messy and materials can still be transferred.

Given that you and your partners (plural) have each had more than one unique partner, it does concern me that you would have had intercourse on any occasion without that correct use of a condom. The vast majority of STDs are more often than not, invisible and often even to testing, let alone the risks and concerns of "accidental" (euphemism) paternity.

My wife has only recently encountered a case of combined gonorrhoea and chlamydia which were apparently caught from a fellow school student. It occurs to me that we should be expecting a friendly call from Population Health on this account; the point being that though we ourselves do not see them that frequently, these diseases are clearly "out there".


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Say what?

April 29 2010, 4:19 PM 

The story of your wife begs for clarity.


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The process.

April 30 2010, 6:00 AM 

I imagine it works the same in the US.

When a pathology service determines a positive result for a notifiable disease, they are legally obliged to notify the Health Department, who then pass this on to the Population Health service of the local Community Health Centre for "contact tracing".

Pop. Health then contacts the practitioner who referred the person involved to the pathology service, to determine what steps that practitioner has already taken to ensure that contacts are tested and treated - in the case of these diseases, contacts need to be treated even if their own tests show as negative (because the tests are not reliable in the absence of symptoms such as a discharge).

If the practitioner satisfies Pop. Health that adequate steps are being taken, then Pop. Health do not need to start chasing people around the countryside, however if further steps need to be taken to deal with contacts, then Pop. Health will undertake them.

The friendly discussion with the practitioner provides optimum effectiveness with a minimum of embarrassment for the affected person - discussing such things with one's doctor is generally (or you would expect it to be) far less traumatic than having someone from "the government" contacting them. happy.gif

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Not what I meant

April 30 2010, 8:05 AM 

It sounded as if your wife had been infected. I know what you really meant.


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Reminiscence ...

April 30 2010, 2:29 PM 

Well, my wife and I are very close in age, but - 16 and at school we are not, nor have been for many years.

Would we wish to be 16 again? Well, the world seems a "harder" place now, overpopulation is really going to "bite" severely during the lifetime of today's 16 year olds (or indeed our own children, let alone their children), and opportunity seems less than when we were 16. I feel that I was much more a "master" of technology then than a 16 year old is likely to be now - we used to build things then, few now are more than "script kiddies" and gamers.

I would certainly not wish to be 16 again unless I had at least my present experience and knowledge, in addition to the health and vigour of a 16 year old - it would be nice to have the wisdom to avoid certain injuries and impairments.


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The problem with yeast

April 29 2010, 6:48 AM 

... is that it does not always - or even mostly - conform to the Internet.

It is a mistake to conceptualise that you either "have it" or you do not. It does not work like that - it is probably impossible not to have some of it on your skin and - it might even have some beneficial purpose, for all we know. It is but one of an immense "microscopic menagerie" of life that occupies every part of your skin - and your intestine by the way, where Candida is probably even more universal (because you eat it in vegetable material such as fresh fruit and vegetables).

The problem comes when and where it for whatever reason - and there are many, but some of them relate to sexual activity - becomes too prolific and displaces the other bacteria. Even then, it may not be sufficiently prolific to be visible, but manifests as irritation, itch and brittleness of the skin. {I am presuming you absolutely do not use soap or any artificial "cleaner", "antiseptic" or other "preparation" on your foreskin or glans.}

It certainly may be worth trying a yeast treatment. Negative side-effects? Yes, always possible as a previous contributor mentions - but uncommon. On the balance, we would advise trying it.


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Additional Questions

May 14 2010, 5:07 AM 

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the help.

I have been using the AF cream. And it seems to be helping. The whitish dry skin seems to be becoming more natural in tone and texture and I am having a better experience overall. However, there are still two question that are bothering me:

1. How can I know when I am "done"? Is there a point where I should stop using the cream? or is this going to be a consistent maintenance thing?

2. There seems to be one very specific area on my foreskin where the skin around the white tissue seems redder and is occasionally painful to the touch. I notice this is worse when it is cold and the foreskin tightens or when I urinate. Could this be where a tear has formed? I find that stretching the area or getting an erection seems to make the pain go away (I assume because of the rush of blood to the skin) but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. This is the spot where I think I believe I may have had a tear before, but I am very unsure. It seems like a slight bump has formed in those two areas, which leads me to maybe suspect irritated scar tissue?

Any advice would be really appreciated. The initial help has REALLY improved my situation.

Thanks for all your help.

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