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September 9 2010 at 8:58 AM
  (Login depressed1)

Let me start this message off by saying you guys are my last hope. If i don't solve these rediculous problems with this forum, it seems like my sex life is over forever.
I am 16, and i have multiple severe problems. First off, i have phimosis so i cannot retract even when flaccid. Ive tried the stretching methods on this site, and have been frustrated by lack of improvement so i have not been very consistent in doing them. I also feel like my problems are too severe to just be cured by stretching. (I can only get a full stretch from using one finger, otherwise the adhesions make it tough for me to stretch.)

Second, i have frenulum breve for sure and i have what looks like skin adhesions attached or fused to the head of my penis. I've heard that baby oil in the hot shower may make it possible to remove them, but they look too big to do that. WHAT DO I DO? I am getting very depressed because Im a very good looking kid and I cannot even advance with girls because of these things. Its effecting my social life in a large way, and I think circumcision is my last option, but i dont want to go through a surgery. Although i might just have to bite the bullet and do it because its killing my self confidence.

Please help guys.

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Sounds as if it hasn't started yet

September 9 2010, 1:09 PM 

You're way too young to be talking like that. Another thing, get that idea of circumcision out of your head right now. Let's take it one step at a time. I need your help in doing this, OK?

First thing is for you to do a little test. Hop into the shower and pinch your foreskin shut at the end. Start peeing. Observe what happens to your foreskin. Does it balloon? Is the balloon uniform or just in some places? Let me know what it does. Oh, turn on the shower and rinse the pee down the drain. happy.gif

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

You missed Sex Ed or don't they have it there?

September 9 2010, 3:04 PM 

What on earth makes you think phimosis has something to do with relationships with girls?

Are you seriously telling us that you cannot masturbate? I find that pretty amazing!

You refer to "adhesions". What do you mean? I think you had better explain - and I mean precisely - what you discover from the "balloon test" Jim describes.

So far you have been throwing words around wildly - "frenulum breve", "skin adhesions", reference to baby oil - I think you have been surfing far too many random websites. OK, that is understandable, we can't expect people to arrive here first thing if they search on this problem, but you have to realise that not all you read - and in fact very little of it - is accurate. Too many people - such as the "media" - refer to "balance" and the "basic right" of hare-brained superstition to be considered on an equal with fact and science (and not all that passes as "science", is). You have to sift these things one from another.

Yes, we will help you, but given the constraints of basic textual information, you will have to provide detail of your situation, so you can start by describing the findings of the "balloon test" and what you can discover by getting your finger inside your foreskin whence you should be able to explore (and presumably using lubrication) the whole space underneath the foreskin all the way to the "corona" or rear of the glans, all the way around to the frænulum in either direction to identify just what part if indeed any, is actually stuck.

(Login depressed1)

Re: You missed Sex Ed or don't they have it there?

September 11 2010, 12:49 PM 

Alright i performed the balloon test, and while the front side of the head did blow up the rear side did not. (this is where i believe i have frenulum breve because a layer of skin is attached to the head) The right side of the head also did not blow up, and this is where i have the skin attached also. I can pull back to see most of the head, but when i do i can see that the head in some places is literally fused to the glans. It is very hard to explain without pictures but this is sort of what it looks like:

Another thing- I have been searching for information on this for about 2 years, so i apologize for any conflicted info I gave. I just discovered this site, and by using the one finger stretching method i have managed to widen up my foreskin opening a bit through the past 3 weeks. But it is the attachments that are causing the problem, or else i would almost be able to retract while flaccid.

If i can send any pictures of my situation let me know because i understand it is a rare case.


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Thanks Anthony

September 11 2010, 9:46 PM 

I appreciate your response. Now we can get to work.

I suggest that you continue doing the stretching, trying to work on what is in the pictures I posted. In addition, you'll need to try peeling the foreskin from the glans. It will be a job much like peeling an orange, but take it slowly and gently. Unless damage was done to you early in life by someone trying to retract your foreskin prematurely, the skin should eventually release. You'll need to be very persistant in this matter.

Yes, you are right that it's somewhat more complicated, but it's not life threatening. happy.gif

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Excellent work!

September 12 2010, 7:32 AM 

You passed the first test; you have done the research and now we have real information! You are going well - and you are doing the stretching. Despite the fact that this will be a little tedious, I now have some confidence that you are a genuine achiever. happy.gif

{I might explain: We become a little jaded at the "one hit wonders" who post here, but never respond to requests for further information, and one presumes did not come back to read what we did explain. Whilst it might be that they already obtained the critical information and go on to implement it, it does seem unfortunately probable that they did not read the previous discussion before they posted, perhaps became bewildered when they did not see their question appear immediately (as it must of course, be checked by Jim as "moderator") and moved on, possibly being too disorganised to even bookmark us. sad.gif}

Clearly, you have been doing a lot of reading, and the illustration you cite is an excellent example of an adhesion. What really is sad, and emphasises my previous comments only too well, is the first reply that enquirer received from someone who purports to be a doctor, and which was complete nonsense! Apart from some peculiar spelling, the other two respondents on the other hand, appear to know what they are talking about.

Of course all "the usual" that we explain here, applies. And no, you are not a rare case by any means. These adhesions do occur, arguably more frequently as a consequence of circumcision. They are quite possibly simply persistence of the congenital attachment or "synechiae" of the foreskin to the glans, which generally parts of its own accord during childhood.

They may become consolidated as a consequence of chronic irritation (such as from soap) and possibly supervening infection, so that they become true adhesions which will not simply peel off. The illustration there quite distinctly shows that the adhesion has (partially) parted, leaving a raw area - very much like an open blister - on both the glans and the adherent foreskin. This is by no means catastrophic and indeed, is to be expected when the adhesions are separated.

What is important at that point, is to prevent these raw areas sticking together in which case the healing process may produce a much firmer bond. This is where I specifically recommend my ever-favourite Zinc and Castor Oil cream (unperfumed, no other additives). It is but a mild antiseptic which mainly works by desiccating (drying) the skin and keeping unwanted things (irritants and infection) away - and in this case, preventing re-adhesion. It is specifically what is used (by those "in the know" in preference to the more expensive exotica) to treat "nappy rash" and the appropriateness of the situation here should be obvious.

That said, separating the adhesions is likely to be somewhat painful. Certainly, one option is to have a competent doctor separate them in one effort, which is a very straightforward procedure which is strictly an "office" matter - any suggestion that it might require some form of operating theatre or anaesthetic other than topical Emla® cream should raise immediate presumption of malfeasance. On the other hand, there is no reason that you should not attempt to separate them yourself; as long as you understand the normal and expected appearance of the frænulum and the "corona" of the penis, you are extremely unlikely to do any significant harm - there is an obvious expectation of clean hands and possibly preparation with either methylated spirit (or better, proper isopropyl alcohol), allowed to fully dry; or Betadine® if available.

Particularly if this is performed in successive steps, I would only reiterate the importance of the Zinc and Castor Oil applied frequently afterwards to the raw areas to avoid re-adhesion.

And I do hope you understood my tongue-in-cheek reminder that whilst this is an annoying situation, it has little or no relevance to any sort of sexual activity which you should be contemplating except that it might involve a little extra explanation if you were to have a young lady exploring this area, since she is likely to be somewhat ignorant about the practicalities of foreskins - though you of course, are no doubt equally inexperienced in regard to her intricacies anyway.

(Login depressed1)

Re: Excellent work!

September 13 2010, 7:10 PM 

Thank you for the replies. Ill tell you id be lost without this site. I would like to reiterate that the picture is just a rough example of the condition I have. Is there a way i can post an exact picture of my case?
Also the picture shows basically the whole head out. With my case, i see about 3/4s of it because the attachments restrict the head from getting above the foreskin opening. Will stretching help this?

A few other questions-

1. What is the best way to stretch when you cannot fit both fingers in? Is putting one finger and pulling sideways the most effective way? (Picture)
2. What do i do about the other attachments (Frenulum)?
3. Is 10 minutes a day good enough for stretching?

Thank you and please let me know if i can post a photo of my situation and if so how.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)
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September 13 2010, 9:47 PM 

Find a site to host the picture and then post the link.

Try this for stretching the opening:

[linked image]

This one will work on the frenulum:

[linked image]

I recommend at least ten minutes (or more) each session for doing both of them, and do it twice per day or more.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Well, as I must repeat ...

September 14 2010, 5:32 AM 

If you read sufficiently of previous discussion "threads", you will find that I have described what to do if you can fit only one finger in - pulling sideways is going to do nothing. If you can fit only one finger in, then you seek to fit the largest finger in - one that makes a very tight fit. When your thumb is no longer a tight fit, then you will almost find that two little fingers (or finger tips) can be inserted.

While you are at it, you identify the narrow part in the foreskin, and ensure that whatever you get inside, it is applying pressure on that tight part.

The frænulum is not an adhesion - it is a normal structure. It may be presumed that it is tight if you have not been able to retract previously. So you should be stretching it with at least as much dedication as the other aspects.

Ten minutes of firm pressure to stretch is not bad. Mind you, I suggest the frænulum stretch can be performed on many occasions where you have sufficient privacy to sneak the only one hand necessary into your waistband to grip it, and remove it if anyone approaches. Then you can dedicate the more private opportunities to the other activities.

All photos that appear here are links to files lodged on another server. Since photos with "sexual" connotations are prohibited on brain-dead American sites (such as Photobucket or Imageshack), you actually need to post the picture to one that permits in effect, pornography. The photos we post as illustrations are of course from a site, foreskin.org, which is specifically to educate people (clearly quite unlike Photobucket and its ilk). But you will note that some people have posted their own photos and not had them removed by the ignoranti. So you can presumably use the photo repository sites that they used in like manner (and remain anonymous).

To post a link, either insert just the URL with a space on either side, or add it in HTML mark-up as a link as I do here, or you can insert a picture (generally, insert a thumbnail and a link to the full-size version).

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