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weird redness?

October 10 2010 at 10:00 AM
worried_guy  (no login)


First of all , I'm not a native speaker so excuse my english...

I'm your regular reader - I'm stretching my frenulum at the moment happy.gif

Here's the case...About a month ago my GF inserted a kind of string into my urethra [ i know it sounds stupid, but such things unfortunately happen...], not deeply - just about 1-3 cm down my urethra - a few times. Because of my discomfort she stopped. After that accident I was experiencing burning sensation during urination for 2 days [decreasing over time], then it disappeared. I read about urethritis, i didnt have any symptoms so i forgot about it. Unfurtunately yesterday while stretching my frenulum i started to inspect my urethra opening... I don't know whether I'm paranoid or I should be concerned but inner wall of urethra opening in the bottom are kind of reddish. After examining it through a magnifying glass I suppose the so called redness is made of small vessels, but is it normal , i mean visible vessels in urethra opening?

I found a photo on wiki commons, my urehtra looks very similar to that:
[linked image]

I know the most probable way is that I didn't pay attention to that area before, since I know it was subjected to some kind of irritation or small injury I can see more things now cause I'm afraid...

Summing up:
- inserted string a few times on one session a month ago
- 2 day long burning sensation during urination decreasing over time after "the accident"
- no symptoms
- weird/physiological [I'm asking you] redness in urethra opening

What do you think guys?happy.gif


(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)


October 10 2010, 6:33 PM 

OK, I won't ask why. The stinging sensation is to be expected.
Only urine and semen are meant to travel throught the uerethra,
so when you inserted a foreign object, you irritated the delicate
lining. Redness inside is normal.

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