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Tear to Frenulum

October 4 2011 at 3:17 AM
Bob  (no login)


I was having unprotected sex with my wife two days ago and in my still slightly drunk state thrusted too hard too soon!! Resulting in a sharp pain, i stopped straight away and there was quite a bit of blood coming from my frenulum. The bleeding stopped after a few minutes of panic! I doesn't seem that it has completly tore all the way. The part of the frenulum that connects to the foreskin seems very thin and looks very raw, with also a black line. When flacid i can retract my foreskin pretty much all the way back but it does sting quite sharply when it is nearly fully retracted. I havent tried retracting it when erect yet but i don't think i would be able to without some considerable pain!

What should i do in order to help this heal as quickly and fully as possible? Also what sort of time does something like this usually take?

Ps. I am 30yrs old and have never had any pain or tightness in the frenulum before this

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Just let it heal

October 4 2011, 10:48 AM 

I'd recommend abstaining from sex until it heals, but your best solution is not too do much. Keep it clean and retract as usual. Retraction will prevent scars from creating future problems with retraction, so keep the area moving. If you've applied any antibiotic, don't apply any more of it.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Amateur surgery!

October 4 2011, 2:26 PM 

I tend to look at it from the viewpoint that if it ripped - it wanted to! In other words, it has probably torn enough in this act, to become just as loose as it needs to be.

So you want it to heal over, but not to heal closed again. The natural healing process is for scars to "contract" and shorten - unless persistent or constant tension prevents them from doing so. Scars on the back for example, where the skin is under very constant tension always tend to stretch (and look awful). So as soon as (or even before) the skin heals over, you should be carefully stretching it, whether by pulling the foreskin back or by doing the "fr├Žnulum stretch" illustrated here in previous threads (do read a fair way through to get all the ideas) many times a day to ensure when it heals, it is as loose as you need it to be to avoid any future problems.

And as it becomes less tender, you should be getting more and more firm with the stretching for at least a couple of months so that it becomes really loose and completely avoids future problems.

As to healing in the first place, your body knows how to do it just fine. There is no need to use any form of "antiseptic" or "healing" cream and indeed, antiseptics actually prevent healing because they damage the body's own tissues just as much as the bacteria. Do shower as normal, using only plain water on the foreskin, to keep it clean. The gentle stretching will in fact, reduce the likelihood of it becoming persistently tender.

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