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tight frenulum causing premature ejaculation?

December 6 2011 at 3:04 PM
james  (no login)

I have been reading up on the net about the possible caused of premature ejaculation. I can retract my foreskin when flacid and can pull it back over the head when erect but no further. At this point the frenulum is so tight that it goes white and i can almost ejaculate just by holding it in this position it becomes so sensitive. It can cause me to cum almost imediatley during intercourse, if this is the cause.
Do you think this is the cause and is there an operation/cure available on te NHS to cure this?

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Very possible cause

December 7 2011, 1:43 PM 

You don't state your age. I suspect you are young and are just normal. How much sexual experience have you had? Generally, time takes care of this.

Meanwhile, I suggest that you stretch the frenulum to relieve the tension on it. As it is, it might tear. Dedicate two ten minutes sessions per day, and each time you pee, take time to do some mini-stretches. Put surgery and other treatments totally out of your head.

[linked image]

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

It is shockingly dangerous

December 8 2011, 2:50 AM 

to look on the "net" for possible "causes" of "premature ejaculation". happy.gif

There really is only one "cause", which is that you are sexually excited, and that you are young. Let me tell you that it is most unusual for older men to suffer such a complaint.

I really must impress this on you. Your body is functioning absolutely normally; if you place your erect penis in a young lady's vagina (or indeed, something resembling it), it obediently responds by discharging your semen into her. That's exactly what it is "designed" to do. Such things as spending time doing this, or having her experience an orgasm in the process (which is in fact, relatively unlikely anyway), are nothing more than luxury embellishments on the process.

And it is also the case that one form of masturbation some men practice as alternative to rhythmic stroking, is indeed just that - to pull the foreskin (or remnant skin in the case of circumcised men, for whom this is necessarily far less effective) down from the glans maintaining a consistent tension (possibly with some repetitive movement) to result in ejaculation.

You are therefore speaking not of some "abnormality" for which there is a "treatment" (so it becomes pretty meaningless to refer to operations or "cures" on the NHS), but of what manipulations you might employ to slow down this process. Certainly, stretching the fr├Žnulum (and possibly the foreskin opening as well) will probably reduce the sexual sensation of holding the foreskin tightly back, and we completely and strongly encourage you to proceed with this.

In the more general sense, I (and backed up by our local experts in sex therapy,) suggest that "diversionary" approaches (thinking about something unpleasant, whatever or whomever that might be) are of little use, nor are using anaesthetic agents - because the actual nature of the stimulation is not the most important part of the process, rather the feeling and excitement of being in sexual contact.

Probably the most effective ploy (other than SSRI medication which to varying degrees, does effectively block the sexual reflexes which result in ejaculation and which might be available through the NHS), is "two bites at the cherry" - simply allowing yourself to ejaculate soon, then shifting to some alternate sexual activity (which is to say, attending to your lady-friend's stimulation which is most important in itself) until you re-develop an erection which should then be less susceptible to such dramatic stimulation. wink.gif

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