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Is there any hope for me?

March 4 2012 at 7:40 AM
  (Login Naval91)

At first,I want to salute all good people here! I am not from America so I maybe will have "some language" mistakes, I apologize for that! I am still learning English...

So,let's start
I was never do any exercise for my problem. When I WAS NOT in erectile state I could see only 40 % of penis head,in erect maybe 8 mm. In august (2011) I was started some basic exercises (when I urinate) and after 10-15 days I saw results. (50% when I was not erect,and maybe 1 cm in erect) After this period,I stopped with exercises (I know,I am fool!) I was have some kind of fear. What if I hurt my self?

I am twenty now. Yesterday (3.3.2012) First time in my life I saw my penis head. I was not erect.(It's Little getting stuck on head, but if I push harder skin is back forward. In The erectile state I can see only 35% of my penis head. I did some exercises before 3 days. Only stretching in hot water 45 minutes in the morning and about one hour at bedtime. am I in right way???


I heard that at his age (20) is impossible to cure phimosis? Circumcision is inevitable! Please tell me if there is hope for me to heal? I do not want to have surgery BUT IF THE NECESSARY I WILL DO.

I am very afraid! I can not sleep! What will be with me? With my sex life,CAN I HAVE SEX without problems IN THIS STATE? I had a lot of girls but unfortunately or fortunately we have not reached sexual. Please answer me... I apologize so much for my language mistakes,I hope that you can underestand me!

Big salute people!!!


(Login Paul_B.)

Haven't you answered your own questions?

March 4 2012, 1:49 PM 

Your comments here indicate that you have not yet used this resource here. You need to do a lot of reading - on this discussion board, not anywhere else.

You refer to having done some "basic" exercises. But not the exact exercises we explain here, have you? That is for a start, an important difference.

You point out that you have not persisted with exercises. Well, your skin does not "magically" stretch when it does not need to (and you obviously would not want it to!). If you do the exercises - the ones we explain here, not just random things you read elsewhere on the Internet, with persistence, a few times for a number of minutes at least, every day, then from the point at which you are presently, you can sort out your problem.

Circumcision is (except in the extremely rare case of extensive cancer,) never indicated. It is nothing more than deliberate mutilation of the penis with the sole purpose of impairing sexual function. Your sexual function is just fine - I would be shocked if as a 20 year old you had not been masturbating with complete enjoyment for at the very least seven years, so you are already "having sex". What do you imagine would be any different, or cause a problem with having any form of sex with a young lady? Other than plain unfamiliarity with each other?

You must be reading absurdly stupid websites if you have "heard" that curing "phimosis" at 20 is impossible. What websites - or other source of misinformation - would this be?


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Re: Haven't you answered your own questions?

March 4 2012, 10:35 PM 

Thank you man! You are great guy! happy.gif
In the last few days I started some exercises that I have read here and some that I already knew. I will not give up, especially now when I have seen "big" progress. Unfortunately, in my country these problems are usually solved circumcision. Therefore, many people over the internet that I asked for an opinion, they told me that best thing for me is to be circumcised.Now, I saw many people here who have great results! That gives me great confidence!

I have two "little" question ?

1) Now, when I can pull the skin all the way back when I am flaccid (With some little difficulty,very little!) I feel that skin on penis head is little pulled back even if I not working exercises.When I am in my underwear, I feel some kind of sensitivity (penis head sensitivity) when sometimes come into contact with the underwear. (This is little weird and a little discomfort) Is this normal? Do I need to avoid the contact or ignore and just "live life normally" happy.gif

2) Do you want to see the pictures? I can upload some of them.Then you can just give me a precise exercise for my problem.

Thank you very much for answering me! And,again,sorry about language mistakes... I know it seems that I am very uneducated, but I will do my best. Thank you again! happy.gif

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Anyone can do this

March 5 2012, 6:55 AM 

What is your country?


(Login Paul_B.)

You have work to do.

March 5 2012, 1:54 PM 

Read more - lots more - on this website. The things we recommend are focused on getting results most efficiently - the quickest progress with the least effort though there most certainly is substantial effort involved. It is however, not at all unusual for people to put considerable effort into daily practice for body-building, sporting success and musical accomplishment, so expecting people to perform what we advise for a significant amount of time every day is not that much of an "ask".

I mention this as you stated "some exercises that I have read here and some that I already knew". I wonder just what the ones that you "already knew" are? If that relates to simply pulling your foreskin back, then I feel this is actually wasting time and effort because any improvements with be very slow indeed - it is of course the "natural" means by which the foreskin is normally stretched to become easily mobile but - over years of use and growth!

What we recommend is the "fingers inside" method Jim illustrates. There are alternatives, but they do not relate to alternative versions of the "problem", but rather to different ways of achieving the same effect using devices crafted (notably, hand-crafted) to "do the job for you" as you can wear them for significant periods while you do other things, even all day (and night). Such milder but persistent stretching is generally the most effective method but requires some craft skills.

And there are - for almost everyone - two specific objectives and therefore two parallel types of exercise to be performed; the second being to stretch the frænulum. Again, I really do not need to explain it in this thread, reading back will locate it.

Yes, no doubt it is common in your (which?) country to "solve" such problems with circumcision, and for people to recommend it. This only demonstrates the most profound ignorance which surrounds sexual function, how disturbingly little doctors value sexual function in their deliberations and how little people actually perceive in their everyday life (and sexual exploits). Of course you can function without a foreskin as a quarter of the world's population do. But then, a similar (but separate) proportion of the world's population are malnourished and they also survive to an extent. Both things are regrettable, both stem from ignorance, greed and malice.

You are most welcome to post pictures but we do not need them to determine your problem or specific exercises as your problem is essentially universal and its management as we consistently describe. If you do post such for our curiosity, you would sadly need to do so not to the common photo sharing sites because due to the prevailing profound ignorance that I describe, they will be promptly censored. As you browse through the previous postings - as you do need to do, you will find other photos and note that the ones that persist are generally hosted on pornographic sharing sites! I do find that sad, but they serve a purpose.

Your glans (penis head) will feel uncomfortable touching dry underwear if it has not done so before. This will settle with time and is of no concern. It illustrates that the purpose of the glans is for contact only with the lubricated surfaces of a woman's vulva and vagina, the foreskin's purpose is to keep it protected at all other times.

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There is hope

March 4 2012, 5:20 PM 

You can do this at any age. Down the page, I posted a link to a site which tells you exactly what to do and how often to do it. Do it!


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Re: There is hope

March 4 2012, 10:44 PM 

Hey Jim! Thank you! Can you place that link here? In this topic? I'm not sure which link do you think? happy.gif))

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You really need to read

March 5 2012, 6:54 AM 

All entries on this page are important to you, so reading them is important to your success.



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For Jim

March 5 2012, 7:13 AM 

Ok, I will do this exercises. I hope that will give results .My country is one of many Balkanish countries. With very strong ortodox rules and radical medicine : ) ... You maybe never heard anything about Serbia?

So tell me,in my post about 2 questions here,what you think about first one? You give me good hope,Jim. You are great guy! : )

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Just on the news

March 5 2012, 1:51 PM 

Whatever we hear about Serbia is filtered through the news media which tells us what they believe. No different from what you hear about us! happy.gif

Live life normally. The glans must eventually accommodate exposure and touching. Each time you pee, attempt to retract.

If you wish to post pictures, be our guest.


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Thank you Jim!

March 5 2012, 3:01 PM 

Can you explain me how to post the pictures? I can not see "option" for that when I write a response.

ps: I reed many topic's on this site and I saw much worse cases than me happy.gif I really sorry for that people (:
I can say that my skin today slides much easier than any time before.( I can always see my penis head when I am not erect and skin stuck much less. I wash glans every day with anti_bacterial soap (DOVE) happy.gif I think that is good for hygiene. I can almost put 2 fingers in "hole" but I am still not comfort. I will work exercises that you sent me .I hope that I am on right way?

If you want to see some pictures (I would like to show you,because YOU JIM, and MISTER PAUL are real experts happy.gif ) Just explain me how to post them... Thank you very much for this advices!!! (And forgive me If I have some language mistakes (: )

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)
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Not I!

March 5 2012, 10:18 PM 

Sorry, but I'm not the best source for teaching you that. There are site which will host your pictures, and then you post a link here, but I don't know what the host sites are.

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March 6 2012, 1:07 AM 

Ok . I will read more topics here and work exercises that you give me. Only If I don't see any " big result" i will post some pictures and you can tell me what i need to do more.Actualy I working this exercises all these days ( 4 ) I just want to ask you one question. It's about sensivity of glans. If I try to have sex,what will be biggest problem? (if the problem exsist) Is that tight skin or sensitivity of glains? or all two?


(Login Paul_B.)


March 6 2012, 4:04 AM 

Actually, I would suggest that you do not use "Dove", in fact no soap and particularly not an "anti-bacterial" soap under your foreskin.

Soap is in fact, the most common cause of acute and chronic irritations of the foreskin and penis head which lead to "infections" which in turn mislead people into thinking there is some justification for circumcision.

Soap removes the protective oils from the skin, more so in such delicate areas as under the foreskin, and provides an entry for infestations such as Candida ("Thrush") as well as simple chemical irritation and drying.

Not good!

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ok paul !

March 6 2012, 8:20 AM 

And what you suggest? only hot water? or nothing? I have some yellow tea,i heard that he is good for hygiene...

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)
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Shower water at the most

March 6 2012, 12:28 PM 

The penis is self cleaning for the most part. Hygienic attempts are really unnecessary.


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March 6 2012, 12:19 PM 

PLEASE ANSWER ME FAST! UNDER MY GLANS EXIST SOME WHITE THING. (I think that is smegma,but it's not like other smegma,I can not clean it!!!) It's stuck and I can not move that white thing) But that thing is not painful it's just stuck and can not move! It's not big,it's small but I am so afraid!!!! OHHHH!!!!!

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)
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March 6 2012, 12:27 PM 

Soak in some olive oil. It will eventually disolve. Don't worry. It's totally harmless.


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March 6 2012, 3:07 PM 

I reed some post about cancer.... I ask my father too,he told me "my son,don't worry "

Oh MY GOD! for a moment I was thought that I have start of cancer ...


(Login Paul_B.)

Something crawled in during the night?

March 6 2012, 12:57 PM 

I think what you are saying is that this is something that has been there for a long time - many years in fact given that you are now twenty - and that you have only just pulled your foreskin back far enough now to discover it. Is that correct?

Clearly, if it has been there not days not weeks, but months and years and has not caused any trouble before now, the only reason it matters now, is that if you try too hard to remove it then you will injure yourself unnecessarily. It is simply a build-up of skin debris which has not fully separated from the underlying skin; called a "keratin pearl" and a common but somewhat novel observation in little boys as their foreskin is in the process of separating from the glans,

It will peel away in good time, as you continue to get the foreskin back more effectively. Some (vegetable) oil will soften it a little if it is a concern.

Other than that, showering in warm water (as usual) is the most you need to do to keep your penis clean and healthy. Showering is preferable to taking baths as with a bath, the water becomes soapy and you then have no way of removing the soap from anywhere - unless you shower afterwards.

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Paul ,Thank you very much!!

March 7 2012, 1:09 AM 

Yes that is correct. The first time in my life I saw glans in saturday (3.3.2012) !!! But now I see him every day : ))

The most important thing is that " pearl" is not dangerous? Am I correct? I will wash every day with water and I hope that all will be good.

Again,I don't know how to thank you guy's!!! You are so great!!! happy.gif

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I think that I am on good way.

March 8 2012, 8:58 AM 

I think That your theniques are very good! I have big progres. the only thing that worries me is my glans. Actualy, "under glains" i have some "dark red ring" (it's not big ,I dont feel any pain. Never. I think it's because that part of glains is not see light or anything else for all this years?. And smegma too. (Paul explain me about smegma )Because I have little stuck smegma on that "red ring". Actualy only smegma parts are there.Every day,I wash and some little parts of smegma are washed. But still smegma exsist. I think that all will be washed one day! Am I right? I know that I am little boring to you with all this questions. (:You guys help me so much,and I realy dont know how to thank you. If you can,Just tell me about that "dark red ring" (it's not to much dark red,but I dont lnow how to describe that type of color,because,glans is "red" too). Why is he there and what is good to do? It's not painful,but color of all glans is not in that color? Again,thank you so much!!! Just answer me on these questions (if you underestand me) and I will not wast your time,exept some bad situations : ) Paul and Jim!!! Big salute!!!!

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)
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Here's your answer

March 8 2012, 1:59 PM 

There is really nothing wrong with you. Spend more time stretching and less time worrying about nothing. The penis has various colors in various places, and it is laden with veins and nerves, and substances collect under the foreskin. That's just part of the deal.

We've told you what to do. Just do it.

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March 8 2012, 2:47 PM 

I will !!!!!!!!!!!!! Long live Jim and Paul!!!!

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