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Telling a girl about Phimosis

April 9 2012 at 8:18 PM
FixedDude  (Login FixedDude)

How should I tell a girl i have phimosis when she goes down on me?

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

What is there to tell?

April 9 2012, 10:43 PM 

It's going to be pretty obvious, don't you think?

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Quite so!

April 10 2012, 12:41 AM 

Excuse me (us), but I view this from the point that oral sex should really only follow a(n extensive) period of "getting to know you".

Part of this will be discussion - believe it or not - of (both of) your idiosyncrasies as a prelude (introduction) to sexual activity.

It seems to me it is a matter of saying (and this is presuming that she has done this before with other chaps) "Hey, I have to tell you something if we are going to do this; it isn't anything really wrong but I have a foreskin that doesn't want to pull back like you would expect but it works just fine without pulling it back anyway."

However short of "romantic" this might sound, you really do want to ask her what things she has done in the past (as far as something like sex goes, you have a right to know as does she), and give her a corresponding concept of where you are at.

And I have two more comments - whether or not your foreskin will pull back and indeed just the same if you were so unfortunate as to have it mutilated - you do want to arrange to have it clean and sweet-smelling (not letting soap get into the end; using only water and preferably, a shower to flush water into the opening when you "pout" it as in the picture Jim frequently posts here) if you expect her to put it into her mouth. happy.gif

The second - "tit for tat" (I rather like that saying). If she is going to do this for you, generally it is going to be more for your enjoyment than hers. It doesn't have to be of course, she should only be doing it if she enjoys doing it. So I will presume that you intend to "go down" on her as well - not necessarily simultaneously (if only because it is difficult to pay proper attention) - so that you might expect her to have a shower as well. Best of all - shower each other in preparation.

(Login FixedDude)

Re: Quite so!

April 10 2012, 10:42 AM 

I know she has had sex and done those things in the past. I on the other hand have no, in fear of humiliation because of my little guy. It's difficult to build up the courage tell her, but i really don't want to continue life this way. I really have no idea how she'd react. I do clean it, as best I can, and think it is fairly presentable. Would it be better to tell her before getting into this sexual situation, maybe even by text, or should I tell her as she whips it out?

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

NO Text!

April 10 2012, 1:28 PM 

Frankly, I'd let her discover it and see what happens. Very likely, nothing will be said. Are you in a place where intact penises are common? If so, she may have already encountered one such as yours.

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