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Greedy Urologists

April 18 2012 at 4:46 PM
Gupta  (no login)


I'm 22 years old and live in Delhi, India. Around four weeks ago, I tried having sex with my girlfriend for the second time. And like the previous time, this attempt too failed. Earlier, we had attributed it to nervousness/ inexperience/ tightness. This time however, the foreskin of my penis had retracted 25% of the way to the glans. It was very painful and the exposed glans was incredibly sensitive. I had never seen my exposed glans before, and was quite alarmed. I had no idea that the foreskin was supposed to retract all the way while having sex. I thought that an intact penis' foreskin wasnt supposed to retract ever. I thought that all porn actors were circumsized.

In a flaccid state, my foreskin would retract to around 10% of the length of the glans, after which it would hurt. In an erect state, attempting to pull back the skin even slightly further than the 5% it was on its own would really hurt.

The next day I showed myself to a senior urologist in a very good hospital. He told me try to retract my foreskin and when he saw how far it would go, he declared it to be phimotic. He recommended circumcision, told me it was the most normal course of action, and brushed away my concerns about loss of sensitivity with "you'll last longer". 15 minutes later the accounts department had handed me an estimate of how much the surgery would cost.

I talked to an uncle of mine, who is a gastroenterologist in the US, who told me that circumcision is normally the last resort, and I should get a second opinion. He talked to his colleagues, who recommended another urologist in Delhi. When i went to him, he himself tried pulling back my foreskin. To my surprise, he was able to pull it back completely behind the glans. it took some effort, and it hurt, but not as much as I thought it would. The glans was super-sensitive. The foreskin moving back over the glans for the first time looked kind of like two surfaces glued together getting unstuck. He said that I had a normal penis, with the ring slightly tight. He asked me to retract it on my own, and the same thing happened. my penis looked cpnstricted wherever the ring happened to be while pulling it down, but atleast it could be done.

He said that the easiest thing for him would have been to recommended circumcision, but it obviously wasn't the right thing to do. He told me to practice moving the skin up and down over the glans in a flaccid state for around a month, and then proceed to doing it when its erect.

In the three weeks since, the progress has been pretty great. When flaccid, the foreskin moves freely up and down, and you can barely see any constriction. When erect, it freely moves to around 75% of the length to the base of the glans. With a little effort, it moves down even further below the base of the glans. It doesn't even hurt much.

When I first read online about phimosis, I was directed to a lot of pro-circumcision websites. I'm really glad I was not suckered into getting what is so obviously a mutilated penis. Im sure this happens pretty often.

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Even in India?

April 18 2012, 5:32 PM 

I'm amazed. My neighbor is an Indian physician, and I've often wondered what his opionion on the subject might be. He serves a community of immigrants from Mexico whose culture does not embrace circumcision.

Your progress is remarkable considering that you make no claims to using our recommended techniques. I suggest that you puruse this page and read every thread. You'll find a link and some pictures to guide you in very effective methods.

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(Login apoorv89)

Re: Even in India?

April 18 2012, 7:00 PM 

Hindu culture doesn't embrace circumcision either. In fact, things being the way they are between hindus and muslims, the state of your penis acquires even more significance.

I did try using some of the methods suggested here and on other sites. But since one of my wrists is fractured and in a cast, its a little difficult. And I was making very good progress by just moving the skin up and down. Also, 10 days after I started, I met him again to discuss my progress. I asked him about the stretching exercises that you mention. He seemed very reluctant for me to try them. He said that there's a chance that if I overdo it, scars might develop which could make it even tighter.

The way I figured, forcing the skin past the point that it would go comfortably was just another way of stretching it. Instead of my fingers forcing it wider, it was the width of my penis. Going by that logic, I thought that if I could somehow get my foreskin further down my erect penis, it would stretch it even more. So I pulled the foreskin back behind the glans in a flaccid state, and then got erect. I'd read about how it might get stuck behind the glans( which it did), and what to do in case it did, so I wasn't too alarmed. I held it in that position for as long as I could before the pain became unbearable, after which I pushed down on the glans, and with some effort pulled my skin back up. My urologist didn't like this method either. Same reasons.

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April 19 2012, 1:29 PM 

His beliefs about scar tissue are totally ridiculous. Any overdoing which could cause such trauma would hurt too much to endure it. In stretching, you are in a sense "damaging" the tissue, but it is the method the body uses to grow, so it's completely safe. A similar method is used in weight training. When you see him again, you might remind him of skin expansion techniques used with burn victims.

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(Login Paul_B.)

Good points.

April 19 2012, 3:32 PM 

Noted the problems with the cultural primitives.

The concern about stretching "causing scarring" appears as a common mythology even among some doctors it seems - strange considering that urologists in particular actually perform procedures in which they dilate the urethra well beyond the level of comfort (thus: using anaesthesia). This is a gross confusion of cause and effect - stretching techniques are commonly required in medicine to treat conditions caused by scarring, the stretching is not what was responsible for the scarring.

In this case, any disease (as we discuss) which causes scarring, makes stretching more difficult and demonstrates as fissuring, but the fissuring is strictly a manifestation of the disease.

It is the case that techniques (as are used medically for "skin expansion") employing less force but applied most or all of the time are the most effective. Having only one hand free is clearly a major limitation but until that is solved you might look into using some sort of "device" to stretch - for much of the time - without even needing your hands.

Stretching by retraction only will be effective to some extent - after all, it is how the foreskin naturally becomes retractile in the first place - but will try your patience.

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