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Will the stretch persist?

May 14 2012 at 1:17 PM
Chris  (no login)

So, a looooong time ago, I made the stretching tool with the modelling plastic that has been discussed here, but I did not have any success. I have a feeling that I have an exceedingly resistant/thick phimotic ring.

I was interested in a surgical (non-circumcision) option, but whether it's a language barrier, or an ignorance thing (I now live in northern europe) I was told "cut it all or nothing". He did prescribe me Dermovate (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clobetasol_propionate ) and told me to apply twice daily for a month.

I bought some silicone flesh tunnels, and I think I'm finally having some success. It's taking a REALLY long time, to make even the smallest increases. But I think that I AM increasing, so I'm cautiously optimistic. Like a month for the first increase. (I just got from 30mm to 32mm)

I'm just worried, I know that for stretched earlobes, the skin returns to "normal" if you don't go big enough to prevent that happening.

I'm guessing that at 36mm (MAYBE 34mm) I'll be comfortable during sex for the first time in my life (wow that's kinda cool to write out.. I'm 33yrs old and still avoid intercourse because of this.)

The reason I posted all this babble was to ask this:
How big should I go to make sure I'm not suffering a return to this?

I'll be honest, I'm getting close to the point where I just want it GONE, scalpels aren't the deterrent they used to be sad.gif



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Normal progress

May 14 2012, 6:59 PM 

Go just enough! Actually, 35mm is the largest size bell available for Gomco circumcision clamps. That should tell you something. How do you size up compared to others? Most likely 34-36mm will be right in the ball park. Your foreskin is also quite flexible and should easily clear the corona once you get past a certain point. You'll need to stretch for about a month after achieving the goal to allow time for new cells to grow. It's important now not to let even a day go by without using the tunnel. The longer you can wear it without causing irritation, the better.

I think you'd be very sorry if you were to part with your skin. The percentage of men who report improvement after circumcision is quite low, consisting only of those who had very tight foreskins and bad advice. Nearly always, those who had no problems but were sweet-talked into it want to till the doctor! The difference in pleasure is considerable and lamentable.

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