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phimocure rings?

May 26 2012 at 11:14 AM
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Has anyone experience of using the phimocure rings? Do they work and is the cream supplied with them effective? Thanks in advance.

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Need some feedback on this

May 26 2012, 1:29 PM 

They are using flesh tunnels, little devices which are readily available on the internet or in tatto shops. Being in the US, I'm not sure what kind of value they present. You might do better on the open market, but there is a also a price for the convenience. On their website, they don't describe the cream suppliied, only stating it is a healing cream. The truth is that there is really nothing to heal from, so why would you need it?


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Re: phimocure rings?

May 26 2012, 1:55 PM 

My husband has been using these for about two weeks and we are seeing progress. He has moved to the third size!

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Great news!

May 26 2012, 2:29 PM 

Could you please give us some details of the history of his condition?

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Re: Great news!

May 26 2012, 8:24 PM 

He didn't have any problems until about 5 years ago. We both started traveling for our jobs, so intercourse became infrequent. Also because of work stressors and grueling schedules, he was not masterbating frequently either. Neither one of us had even noticed the gradual phimosis that was occurring. He's never had an std, infection, or injury. When I finally realized the phimosis, I couldn't even get my pinky finger in the opening. We saw a urologist who recommended a circumcision. My husband was eager to just fix the problem. I disagreed with them and begged my husband to let my try whatever I could find first. We tried the manual stretching but the opening was so small it was no use. We then tried the GFS but the pressure of the balloon caused him too much discomfort, and because balloons are so flexible many times they just slipped out. He was ready to give up again, but I again begged to find something else. He's only 46, so we need to fix this! We've been together 28 years and I would like to continue a satisfying sex life for both of us! I found the phimocure rings. It takes a little practice to scrunch them up to get into the tightest part, and then slowly release it do that it doesn't "pop" and cause pain or possible injury. Taking them out is a little tricky also, but we are very pleased with the results do far and I can't wait until his foreskin is fully functional again!!!


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Does need checking.

May 27 2012, 12:56 AM 

While there is some tendency for the foreskin to contract if it is never retracted, a "secondary" phimosis - one occurring where the foreskin originally did retract adequately, suggests some skin disease and the most common - as it is for women - is simply chronic low-grade Candida (yeast; "Thrush") infection.

In turn, the most common reason for this is Diabetes - or possibly even so-called "pre-diabetes" where there is so much sugar in the blood, that it may come out in the urine, but even "leaks" out in the sweat where it can "feed" the Candida.

So notwithstanding no STD, infection, or injury, it is important that his blood sugar level (not merely urine) be checked.

Another curious point, you say your "husband was eager to just fix the problem", but what actually is the problem? A foreskin that does not retract will not prevent sex, including masturbation, "hand jobs" and oral sex, so what would make him so eager that he would consider disfiguring and sexually impairing surgery?

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Re: Does need checking.

May 27 2012, 11:11 AM 

He has had a complete physical and is healthy. He was so eager to "fix the problem" because the urologist told him if he didn't get the circumcision not to come back crying to him when the foreskin got stuck and he would lose his penis. I am a nurse and know the dangers of that, but I also know how to handle that emergency.

I agree with you that something caused this, but we have no answer.


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The Hard Sell eh?

May 27 2012, 3:51 PM 

As Jim would say, has the urologist a Mercedes, a Porsche or just an Audi?

Wow! That is really evil! I suspect that as a nurse, you do not actually know of the dangers of paraphimosis. wink.gif

Have you in fact ever seen it? Do you know the name, or can quote the journal article describing someone who actually lost part of his penis through this condition? Like everything else, you possibly could find a report where this actually occurred, but you would have to search quite intensively to find it; in fact most surgeons have never heard of such a case from a reputable source.

The fact is that paraphimosis does occur from time to time as a result of the foreskin being retracted and not promptly returned forward (due to inebriation, anaesthesia or lack of mental capacity), becomes painful and grossly swollen and turns up in hospital emergency departments where it is managed by various techniques.

If not "reduced", the usual consequence is that it remains painful for a period (days?) and the swelling gradually settles as the tight band stretches so that eventually it either reduces by itself or the foreskin stays permanently in the retracted state. Much the same as the consequence of the grossly oedematous legs with which you would almost certainly be familiar.

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That gradual process is not normal

May 27 2012, 11:31 AM 

Has he used soap to wash inside the foreskin? This is generally the culprit in acquired phimosis. I strongly recommend that only plain water be used for washing. Soap removes the beneficial bacteria, allowing infection by yeast.

If he's having some issues pain, have him try shorter sessions, allowing the tender tissue to relax a bit. Usually this is a response to a bit of sharpness in the device, so shorter periods won't have the detrimental effect of cutting into the mucosa.

From your perspective, what benefit do you see in his foreskin? Does he see a benefit?

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