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question about phimosis

June 20 2012 at 8:03 PM
John  (Login John_PT)

Hi i'm John and i'm 25.first of all i wanna thank you guys for the excelent job you've been doing.before knowing this forum i thought that the only way of fixing phimosis was by surgery and the ideia of having my foreskin cut terrified me.Thank god i found this forum.
I have phimosis. I can pull all my foreskin when flacid without problem and i can also masturbate without problem but when erect i can only pull the foreskin not even half way before it starts to hurt.
Last year i had sex without condom and my foreskin got stuck in my glans (i believe its called paraphimosis) and it was very hard to put the skin back in the place.it scared the hell out of me.since then i never had sex.it embarrasses and concerns me a lot.
I am willing to do the stretching exercises.what specific exercises do you recomend? and for how long do i have to do this exercises til i see some results? (stupid question i know) i will start tomorrow.sorry about the bad english.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

Have you read this entire page John?

June 20 2012, 11:36 PM 

That's your first assignment. As you read, you'll discover my post which tells exactly what to do. You should be able to do the one on the drawing from the linked page.

You should see very minor results within a week, but it won't be much. As you continue, you'll also experience a time when seemingly nothing happens. This is normal. The important aspect is consistency and frequency. The opening stretch needs to be done twice a day along with the frenulum stretch which you should also do after each time you pee.

What do you normally speak?

(Login John_PT)

Re: Have you read this entire page John?

June 21 2012, 8:05 AM 

You.re talking about the "IMPORTANT!!!! HOW TO STRETCH!!! READ THIS!!!" post right? I think i'm still not able to do the one in the drawing so i will start with the one in the first picture.
Do i have to do 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night of both of the exercises?
do i have to hold and relax as it is written on page with the drawing? I just wanna be sure that i'm doing the exercises correctly.I speak portuguese.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)


June 21 2012, 8:33 AM 

Adjust the directions to suit your own schedule and anatomy. We're not talking about constructing an office building of bricks in order to comply with plans and regulations. Everyone has differences, so it's up to you to work it out. The drawing and the pictures illustrate a guide.

Five to ten minutes twice a day should be sufficient to "wake up" the area of the skin which needs to grow. I believe frequency is actually more important than the length of time of each session. The idea is not to let the skin relax back to its former state which is its natural tendency.

You're doing a lot better with English than I could ever do with Portuguese! In this area, Mexican Spanish is spoken by half of our population, and having heard Portuguese a few times, I hear no similarities in spite of the common foundations. Many of the words actually sound like Armenian to me!

I'm curious about one of your statement. Is circumcision commonly performed in your country to relieve a condition such as yours?

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Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

OK, I would usually ask

June 21 2012, 4:41 AM 

Why do you think it is necessary to pull your foreskin back to have sex? Clearly you do not need to do so to masturbate.

In this case, my question is - why have sex without a condom? I understand you would do so if you were married, but the suggestion that you have not had sex since, seems to indicate to me that you are not.

The reason for the first question, or indeed either question - is to discern why you would imagine a circumcision to be "necessary"; what is it you can do circumcised that you cannot intact? OK, well I suppose the answer here is - so that you can have intercourse without proper lubrication. Hmmm. Doesn't make sense to me, but I suppose to some people an some bizarre manner, it does.

If you "know" this discussion board - that is to say, you have read it properly, then you will know all about the exercises (and all the other answers). Just get reading. happy.gif

(Login John_PT)

Re: OK, I would usually ask

June 21 2012, 11:57 AM 

Ok thanks so much. i will start the stretching today.I can also understand written and spoken Spanish fine because the languages are very similar ( many words are actually identical ) but it's ok i need to practice my english.
I know at least 3 guys that had surgery to fix phimosis so i believe it's common.
Responding to Paul B. i don't think it's necessary to pull my foreskin back to have sex but it retracts itself naturally during intercourse without condom and it "got stuck" which led to paraphimosis as i said on my first post.it scared the hell out of me.I just want to have a normal sex life without concerns but to be honest the main reason why i wanna solve phimosis its because it's very embarrasing...
Are the stretching exercises only recomendable in case of having more serious problems?
I just found this discussion board 3 days ago i have not had time to read that much.

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

All cases

June 21 2012, 1:47 PM 

We recommend stretching for all guys with tight foreskins. There are not very many cases in which circumcision is ever necessary, and tightness would be the rarest of those rare occasions.

Mexicans do not speak the same as Spaniards. Even some vocabulary is different. I overheard some young men from Spain in conversation at the gym one day. I was shocked to learn they were speaking Spanish, for it was nothing like what the Mexicans use.

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

Yes, you!

June 21 2012, 3:12 PM 

I have just realised we have a significant problem with this diagram to which Jim points:

In fact, the diagram proves to be misleading in two ways.

Firstly, it shows the fingers only just inside the tight part of the foreskin opening. In practice, people complain that the fingers keep slipping out. It is actually necessary to get the fingers all the way through the tight part so that they are beside the glans and pointing away from it, "hooked" in and do not slip out. In this position to stretch, the knuckles should be resting against each other; if they separate, then another finger can be introduced so that they rest against that and the stretch is effected by this pressure, rather than pulling with the arms.

Secondly, the advice in the diagram to hold for 30 to 60 seconds and rest is wrong. The tension should always be held for as long as possible, limited only by fatigue. If it gets tiring, do release for a little while and then stretch again, but if the fingers are appropriately "wedged" in the opening, there should be minimal fatigue in the first place, you simply hold the fingers in place.

(Why are the instructions misleading? Well, the author is actually adapting his own instructions for "foreskin restoration" which requires much more intensive effort in getting the correct grip on the skin to stretch, and has no doubt found it impractical to do so for more than a minute at a time. If for the purpose of stretching the opening however, you master the correct method of "packing" fingers into the foreskin opening, it is much easier to do so for a number of minutes at a time and the more consistently you stretch, makes it much more effective.)

Now, I always have to challenge people very strictly on the matter of circumcision. You state that "I know at least 3 guys that had surgery to fix phimosis so i believe it's common". This is a very sad observation because of the risk that you take it at face value. Is it saying that "phimosis" is common, or circumcision? In fact, the latter is more correct; circumcision is "sold" by doctors to "fix problems" that do not exist. One such "problem", is supposed "phimosis" in a young boy, which is entirely fraudulent as it is normal for a young boy's foreskin not to retract, possibly until some time in puberty.

My supposition would be that the fellows to whom you refer were in fact victims of such a scam and were circumcised as children. I say that because if they were circumcised as adults, they would also be inclined to mention how much this had impaired their sexual function, particularly (but by no means only) in terms of masturbation (and let's face it, you are almost always going to masturbate more often than you have intercourse!). Only if they were circumcised before becoming sexually active (including masturbation) or had some other confusing factor, would they not realise this.

"Are the stretching exercises only recommendable in case of having more serious problems?"

The "problem" is as serious as you choose to make it. If you think you have a problem and want to correct it, then you need to do the exercises. If you don't want to "fix" it, don't bother. Your choice.

You need to read deeply through all the previous discussions here.
I also repeat my previous question with emphasis: Why would you have sex without a condom? Does your concept of a "normal" sex life include the likelihood of fathering children, or conveying Sexually Transmitted Diseases (which are mostly invisible)?

(Login John_PT)

Re: Yes, you!

June 23 2012, 5:18 AM 

I didn't wanted to say that phimosis is common. I was trying to say that it must be common for doctors to "sell" surgery to treat phimosis as you said. I don't know many details , i just know that they were circumcised as children.
It's not that I want to have sex without a condom it's more about the embarrasement of not having a normal looking penis, but if me or any partner for some reason want to make it i wanna be able.Just that.thanks a lot about all the information and i will read more for sure

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)


June 23 2012, 8:55 AM 

They were circumcised as children - which immediately means there was no reason for them to be circumcised in the first place, and of course they have no idea at all just how important the foreskin is.

Fact is, most girls will not know what a "normal looking penis" is (notwithstanding in which country they are) and will even not know that their own vulva is "normal". Due to prudery and pornography, many girls actually believe that their labia minora should not be visible. So as we point out, any young lady who purported to criticise the appearance of your penis, would merely be displaying how profoundly stupid she was. Now I realise that stupid girls may well be "easy pickings", but I hope you have more discernment.

(Login John_PT)

Re: Exactly.

June 23 2012, 12:42 PM 

Yes i'm aware of that.and believe me i'm not looking for stupid girls :D
Nevertheless, having a "normal looking" penis will increase my self-confidence.i think it's a good reason to start doing the stretching exercises...
i have nothing to lose right?

Paul B.
(Login Paul_B.)

If you say so.

June 23 2012, 10:38 PM 

I personally do not believe "self-confidence" arises from being "normal". Perhaps that is because I have characteristically not tended to see myself as "normal" for various reasons. I certainly do not now. My self-confidence arises from the skills I have acquired (with an element of self-motivation) and my faith in Christ.

OK, if it is your reason to start stretching, well, do that by all means, the only important thing is that you do it. We would tend to focus more on a relationship with a spouse or potential spouse.

Do you mean to say you have not started the stretching already? Three days ago?

(Login John_PT)

Re: If you say so.

June 25 2012, 9:36 AM 

To me it's mostly a matter of image and i think that image is very important to everyone's confidence...at least to me.
Today is my third day stretching.yesterday i realised that i can do the exercise exactly as you said with my knuckles together.I've been doing 10 minutes of each exercise in the morning and other 10 minutes of each at night.What seems odd to me is that after finishing the stretching my foreskin looks and feels even tighter..is this normal?

(Premier Login jimsplacetofixthings)

At first

June 25 2012, 2:58 PM 

In a few days, the skin will relax and feel more supple. Just don't let up because the skin has a memory of position which you must overcome. Eventually, it will get the message and build new cells. If you have much to go, you'll get to another point where nothing seems to be happening, but it is. Keep pressing on.

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